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Jennifer Schaerer

Our blog hostess Kelly Smith can find blog material in just about anything – which is awesome when I’m planning my next post and my mind is blank. And this one is busting at the seams with all kinds of amazing information because she just kept tossing things my way and they all need to be shared, um, right now.

So, as the saying goes: get in, sit down, shut up, and hang on. It’s going to be a wild ride as we round the World Card Making Day curve, fly by the next gallery challenge, and fuel up with my favorite part of October: You’ve Been BOOed!

Before we load up, though, I want to share some very exciting information, that’s the absolute moxiest of fab. Riding the wave of interest created by the Moxie Fab World blog, we’ve recognized the need for a trends editor to represent the Paper Crafts brand. Our very own Cath Edvalson has gleefully jumped right into this newly created position, so look out, Moxie Fabbers – your trendy world just got a whole lot trendier.

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Cath Edvalson, our newly minted trends editor

Cath, after five years as our creative editor, would normally be leaving a great big void, but lucky us – we’ve got Susan R. Opel to promote into that position. So let’s give Susan a great big sparkly-puffy-heart-we-love-you cheer of congratulations, okay? These two will be a very tasty blend of creative and trendy, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for all of you.

3267512947 96a230703a Paper Crafts News & LOTS of It!

Susan R. Opel, our new creative editor

Speaking of what’s in store for you, have you checked out the fast-growing World Card Making Day gallery? The creativity and inspiration are overflowing, and this is only the beginning of the card making season. One group in Puerto Rico led by Helen Negron pulled out all the stops (seriously – check out her friend, Migdalia Roman’s blog post!). Is this cake (by Yadira Bayron) not the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen? Way to go, ladies!

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This cake was definitely the icing on a wonderful holiday!

Now that you’re all inspired, keep up the momentum with our October Gallery Challenge. It’s all about Halloween, so we can’t wait to see what creepy creations you share with us. Whip up a card, tag, bag, box, treat wrapper, or whatever screams Halloween to you – this one is always the most popular challenge of the year, and you’ll definitely want to join the fun. Plus, thanks to Snapfish, there’s a spooktacular prize for three lucky winners!

Since it’s the beginning of October, I’m doing a little BOO! happy dance to welcome the fun Halloween season. I know I’ll have lots of help spreading the BOO! love around our office, and I hope you’ll want to share in the fun.

3763912346 54c872b772 Paper Crafts News & LOTS of It!

Matt Anderson, our Lone Design Man, created this illustration just for you!

Go ahead and start the chain of treats wherever you are, and our BOO! flyer is the perfect way to say “You’ve been BOOed!” Download your own copy HERE.

Well, we’re at our destination for the day. Hopefully you don’t have whiplash from that winding road of information – thanks for joining me on the ride!


P.S. Whoops! I almost forgot one crucial announcement…

It’s time to announce the grand prize winner of Kelly’s It’s a Small World After All post! After 1,018 comments (holy moly!), the $600+ prize package goes to:

Laura (Oct. 2, 9:14 a.m.) who said:

“I love making cards because it makes me happy to create them! (I’m pretty sure it makes people happy to receive them, and that makes me happy too!)”

Congrats, Laura! You better clear some room in your craft room! Kelly will be contacting shortly to get your mailing address. Thanks to all who left comments! (Now go enter our 2010 World Card Making Day Card Contest so you, too can win one of these amazing prize packages. We have 20 more!)

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  1. jen shears says:

    Congrats to Cath & Susan!!!! Woohoo!!!!!

  2. LaurieJ says:

    Congratulations to Cath and Susan!! Way to go!!

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