Stamp It! Techniques Week Challenge Winners

In case you missed it, Cath announced the winners of her Stamp It! Techniques Week ChallengeĀ on the Moxie Fab World!

5333210899 aed29c57ee Stamp It! Techniques Week Challenge Winners

Click HERE to see the six winners who won in the categories of stamping with markers, stamping with shimmer spray and paper piecing.

Perhaps you’ll be inspired to create your own masterpieces for our 2011 Stamping Royalty Contest. Just a reminder…if you’d like to submit, all stamped entries must be postmarked by next Thursday, March 24.

Happy stamping!

~The Paper Crafts Team

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4 Responses to Stamp It! Techniques Week Challenge Winners

  1. Annette A. says:

    You know stamping has come a long long way since I started. I have been stamping since 97 and I was amazed then…you can only imagine my amazement now….

    I just love how creative people are…There is a lot of hidden talent and I really do enjoy the new age of blogging… I have learned so much..

    Thanks for the awesome blog.

  2. HawaiianLibrarian says:

    Spring inspires me to burst out in … pastels! Mahalo for the inspiration!

  3. Paula says:

    Spring just puts a spring in my step. I get going in all aspects of my life. I feel renewed! Can’t wait to scrap like crazy.

  4. Jamia says:

    Spring inspires me to plant beautiful things in my flower beds, get out of the house and do things away from home, appreciate what Gods has created for us to enjoy!

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