Color Inspiration Challenge #8 Begins Today!

We just launched our Color Inspiration Challenge #8 today!

This color combo can be found on p. 78 of Color Inspiration of Card Makers. The Bazzill equivalents are Beetle Black, Lily White, Breaker Bay and Shamrock:

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This color combo was featured in Julia Stainton's Dream Clouds Card from Color Inspiration for Card Makers.

This two-week challenge will run through midnight (MDT) on Monday, Sept. 5. Three winners (who use this color combination in an unique and creative way) will be spotlighted here and receive a 1-year subscription to Paper Crafts or the special issue of their choice, plus some fun paper crafting goodies. Please try to match or stick as close to the color combination as possible.

Click HERE to upload your colorful projects!

~The Paper Crafts Team

P.S. The winners of our Color Inspiration Challenge #7 will be announced next Monday, Aug. 29. Stay tuned!

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4 Responses to Color Inspiration Challenge #8 Begins Today!

  1. Bethany says:

    Were the Color Challenge #7 winners ever announced?

  2. What about the winners from the last color challenge? Did I miss that post?

  3. Annette A. says: this color combo.. Can you believe I got right to it and have already posted my card… I am a busy crafter today…
    Thanks for the fun challenges..

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