You Know You Want to Cruise…

If you haven’t voted in Round 4 of Gallery Idol 2011, what are you waiting for?

Our Top 5 finalists really, really, really want to win that Paper Crafts Cruise!

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Especially since Paper Crafts Go-to Gals Kim Kesti and Teri Anderson will be on board whipping up their own special brand of paper crafting magic mischief.

Kim has already begun the recruitment process.

Teri, well, she discovers a paper crafter’s weakness and goes in for the kill…

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Who can say no to this cute fellow? When he arrived at the Paper Crafts office this week, Kelly (who has a thing for googly eyes) found herself dreaming of tropical ports and hot bartenders handing her one ice cold Coke after another.

Add a boat full of giddy paper crafters and you’ve got one heck of a party!

Speaking of parties, check out the blogs of our Top 5 finalists. They painstakingly describe every detail that went into their party-themed entries:

Your vote will determine who will be whipping up magic mischief with Kim, Teri and a boat full of giddy paper crafters (possibly Kelly…as long as there’s Coke)!

~The Paper Crafts Team

P.S. Voting for Round 4 ends at noon (MDT) tomorrow, so don’t delay!

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5 Responses to You Know You Want to Cruise…

  1. Sharon Gullikson says:

    I had too much trouble registering. It kept kicking it out, saying I had picked an invalid user name, and then the one I picked was already taken, then….I’m sorry. I tried.

  2. Darling card Teri! I voted! Good luck ladies!

  3. littlen says:

    very cute card. i love spending a summer afternoon sitting by the lake and reading a good book.

  4. Val P says:

    Cute card and decorations. Can’t believe the summer is almost over — especially since it’s so hot here! I need to go to a swim party too!

  5. Sharon D says:

    Teri’s card is super cute inside and out!!!

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