Groovin’ with the Go-to Gals: DIY Ink Pads

Wendy headshot Groovin with the Go to Gals: DIY Ink Pads

Windy Robinson

Hi, everyone! Today I’m going to share a tip on how to make your own ink pad using baby wipes and the spray inks that you have on hand.

Start by folding up two baby wipes in a rectangle. Then shake your spray mist and pour it on the baby wipe. Don’t worry about clumps of shimmer—when you ink your stamp, it will spread out onto its surface.

6853910479 b56937097d Groovin with the Go to Gals: DIY Ink PadsNext, stamp away, set ink with a heat tool, and turn your newly stamped paper into a great card.

6853911317 ac51112ee5 Groovin with the Go to Gals: DIY Ink Pads6853911965 2fc73ac96d Groovin with the Go to Gals: DIY Ink PadsSo why go to the trouble to make your own stamp pad? Well, if you are as particular as I am about colors matching on your projects, this is a great way to coordinate stamped images and embellishments. Here I have sprayed the paper flowers on my cards, which were originally white, to match the stamped flowers.

6853912935 4118a10acd Groovin with the Go to Gals: DIY Ink Pads

I also love how shiny your stamped image turns out, which is a fun bonus if you love shiny as much as I do. Here’s a close-up in good light so you can see the card’s finish.

6853913691 fa887a2204 Groovin with the Go to Gals: DIY Ink Pads

So are you ready to break out your spray inks and give it a try?  Leave a comment here today and you’ll be eligible to win both the Classic Tea Flower rubber stamp by Hero Arts and Papertrey Ink’s Think Big Favorites #12 sentiment stamps. Comments must be received by Thursday February 16th at 5 pm MST.

Here’s to using what you have in your stash!

Windy Robinson

Paper Crafts Go-to Gal

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209 Responses to Groovin’ with the Go-to Gals: DIY Ink Pads

  1. Dawn T says:

    what an incredible idea. That Tea Rose flower is stunning done as the background like that.

  2. Therese says:

    Such a fabulous technique! I must add this to my ever growing list of ‘techniques I must try’!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Cathy A says:

    Oh Wow Wow Wow, I am so going to give this a try, what fabulous results with the flower to create the backgrounds on the cards!

  4. Ange says:

    Wow, those cards are beautiful! What a great idea!!

  5. Kathy Mc says:

    Just gorgeous, Windy! The results of this technique make the end result worth it. How fun!

  6. Melissa Murdock says:

    Wow, this is an absolutely neat idea! I love it!

  7. Ronnie P. says:

    Thank you for this really exciting technique tip!! Wow == can’t wait to get into my craft room tomorrow to find a stamp to use this with !! Thank you, Thank you !!!

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  9. Kim Hebert says:

    I love this technique so much and thank you for showing us how to do it but I really want to know what type of spray mist this is because it comes out so beautiful. Can you share the name please???

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