Party Ensembles Week: Behind the Scenes

6921375715 29e60e988b Party Ensembles Week: Behind the Scenes

Jennifer Schaerer

Have you ever started work on a great idea and then at some point, probably right in the middle of the process, wondered what have I gotten myself into?

Yeah, us too.

We’ve never been happier than to see the printed copies of our Party Ensembles book arrive in our office, mainly because it meant we could officially put a great big check mark next to this item on our to-do list. But oh, what an AMAZING item it is!

As Susan told you yesterday, our journey to get this book into your hands was truly epic. The work behind the scenes to get everything photographed was equally epic, and I thought you’d enjoy a peek behind the photography curtain, which also includes a peek at the oh-my-gosh-my-head-might-explode shopping list as well.

6927075177 4a214893a1 Party Ensembles Week: Behind the Scenes

My shopping list and the chaotic collection of items purchased (it took me weeks to get near a grocery or specialty food store again after this adventure)

And, since there aren’t many parties that are complete without cupcakes, you can imagine all the cupcakes we needed for this book.

6775075680 cf0344c7f2 Party Ensembles Week: Behind the Scenes

All these cupcakes (and more!) were baked and hand decorated by our fabulous stylist Claudia Daniels, complete with custom frosting colors and decorations to match the ensembles.

Of course we used every single white prop that Brian Smith at BPD Studios had in his collection, because our art director Matt Anderson knew that a white set would really make the projects stand out.

6927085245 9f50af9f06 Party Ensembles Week: Behind the Scenes

If it was white, it became part of our prop arsenal for this book!

6775075816 d28d499cf6 Party Ensembles Week: Behind the Scenes

Claudia making sure that every single piece of this festive July 4th ensemble is in its rightful place

I wish I had a photo of Brian’s wife Shoko in the kitchen, because she was a food fashionista extraordinaire. Most of the food in the ensembles started out frozen or from a package, yet she made it look like it was fresh from a chef’s kitchen. So appetizing, in fact, that Kelly Smith started to grab a slider for lunch until Shoko told her they were almost two days old. Ooops!

Speaking of appetizing, Susan also mentioned yesterday that I made a Swiss Fondue ensemble for my editor’s note. That fondue pot you see in the photo (technically referred to as a caquelon) is one that my husband and I bought in Switzerland on our honeymoon 12 years ago. Try THIS RECIPE for cheese fondue, which is the closest I could find to our own make-it-as-we-go recipe (don’t omit the kirsch, which is cherry liqueur—it’s just not the same without it!).

6775075838 4e3cc58ba8 Party Ensembles Week: Behind the Scenes

My Swiss husband makes sure we have cheese fondue for dinner on a regular basis, and this is my way of making an otherwise everyday meal a bit more festive

One of my favorite items in the ensemble is the paper bowl – it’s so easy to make (I’ve already told you my “I’m not a scrapbooker story” and how I love to use my 12 x 12 patterned paper in non-scrapbooking creative ways).

6926099987 6c5475db61 Party Ensembles Week: Behind the Scenes

1) score a 3-inch border around the page 2) fold at the score lines and cut the corners diagonally to the scored intersection 3) adhere the diagonal corners and trim off the tips 4) enjoy a paper-crafted snack!

And that brings me to one of the best insider secrets about this project: we included all the patterns, downloads (graphics, custom invitations, and more), and detailed supply lists on a CD in the back of the book. We’ve also put them in the downloads section of our website HERE. So, for the bargain price of $24.95, you’ve got not only the book but everything else you need to make any occasion extra festive, too!

Ready to party? Good, because I have a copy of the book to give away! Let me know in the comments if you’ve got a favorite way to use 12 x 12 paper that isn’t necessarily a scrapbook page. From all the comments received by 5pm MST on Thursday, March 1, I’ll pick one random winner, and don’t forget to visit Cath over at the Moxie Fab World blog for another chance to win!

Party on!

Jennifer thumbnail Party Ensembles Week: Behind the Scenes

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180 Responses to Party Ensembles Week: Behind the Scenes

  1. Lesa says:

    I have really only used 12×12 paper for scrapbook pages and cards, that is why I need to win this book!

  2. Frann says:

    I love making 3-D objects like boxes, picture frames and party favors. Many of them need big paper so they won’t be too tine after all the folding. I also use 12 x 12 paper to make cards with many different folds.

  3. ColleenB. says:

    Oh, would dearly love, love, love to win this book as I enjoy working / playing with paper.
    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity

  4. I have quite the big 12″ scrapbook paper collection, but I hardly ever use it. I make mostly cards these days, and I love 6″ paper pads for that. But I have used 12″ scrapbook paper for folding boxes, and for making other papercrafted projects too =)

  5. domka says:

    Hi! I make my cards – 6 pieces of one sheet…

  6. Natka says:

    It’s a great idea with the bowl! I make Easter baskets like this one:

  7. I usually use 12 x12 paper to make boxes and the rest I cut up to use on cards. This book sounds wonderful and would love to have a copy in my possession.

  8. Carol Douglass says:

    I use 12 x 12 paper for many things, but the biggest thing is for all the school projects my grand children need help with.!

  9. N@ Ali says:

    i’ve been making exploding photo boxes for my little nephew each year, i like it how 12 photos fit just perfectly!

  10. Emily Keaton says:

    12 x 12 sheets of scrapbook paper are perfect for making boxes and coordinating lids!! Loved the sneak peeks behind the scenes for this fantastic new book. :)

  11. conniemelancon says:

    My kind of book it comes with instructions! I love to make small gift boxes. love this idea.

  12. MargieH says:

    WOW – look at all the work that’s done to make project EVEN MORE beautiful!! Thanks to all who are involved in this HUGE undertaking!!! Also love the tutorial on the snack container – thank you!! Off to find some festive 12 x 12″ (wink!)!!

  13. Beth Opel says:

    I love your pic in this post, Jennifer! xo

  14. Tanya C. says:

    I like to 12×12 paper in my home decor!

  15. I love using 12×12 papers for creating boxes and gift containers.
    As well as home decor, cards, and more!

  16. Tanja says:

    One double sided 12×12 can make a a lovely co-ordinated set of 6-12 cards! I have used them for to make Easter baskets and boxes before, too.
    Very fun!

  17. Diane Malcor says:

    I usually only make cards or scrapbook pages with my DSP….. But, WOW! the possibilities are great!

  18. Carmen says:

    My favorite way of using patterned paper is to recycle boxes and other containers for use in organizing my home. I try and get a set of them together in the same paper – they look like I purchased them!

  19. Geri G. says:

    I’m not a scrapbooker and I seldom use patterned paper on my cards (although my stash belies that statement) so out of sheer shopping guilt, I now make my own envelopes out of 12 x 12 paper that is light/plain/white on one side and patterned on the other. The patterned paper is nice surprise when an evelope is opened to reveal the pretty design :)

  20. Cynthia Rose says:

    I use my 12×12 paper for everything, although sometimes it hurts to cut into a perfect sheet for just a little piece I need. My favorite use (other than layouts & cards) is die cutting – 3D cakes, index card dividers, favor bags, etc.

  21. Leticia Vasquez says:

    I use my 12X12 paper to make boxes for treats.

  22. agnes says:

    i make envelopes too. i make sure it matches my card colors and add a white mailing label on the front for the address.

  23. Susan S. says:

    I do like the pretty patterned paper that comes in 12×12 sheets. Ususally I find a way to incorporate it into a card, since that’s mostly what I make.

  24. Katie B. says:

    I don’t know…I always use it to make cards…but I am always open to cool ideas! Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B.

  25. Trinh says:

    I recently used it to turn a Christmas box into a Valentine mail box for my daughter. Can’t wait to check out this book!

  26. jen shears says:

    Wow! fun to see the behind the scenes!
    I use 12×12 for cards & banners!

  27. vickie says:

    While I love making cards and scrapbook layouts with 12×12 paper I have just discovered the world of box making and flowers with my cricut. TFS and for the chance to win this great book.

  28. Helen F. says:

    Since I don’t scrapbook, and just can’t stop buying pads of pattered 12X12 papers, I use them primarily on my cards. I hate cutting them up sometimes, so I have a huge collection just waiting for a ‘project’.

  29. Alyssa S says:

    How fun! Can’t wait to see it all!

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