A big, happy magazine family

6921375715 29e60e988b A big, happy magazine family

Jennifer Schaerer

Although we share an office with Creating Keepsakes magazine here in Bluffdale UT, she’s not the only sibling within our publishing family.

Paper Crafts is actually one of 14 different magazines that make up our family tree, with offices in Cambridge MA, Cincinnati OH, Winterset IA, and Golden CO. There are quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, woodworking, and even an astronomy magazine in our family. We also have an online quilt shop and two hard-working events groups that deliver creativity to many cities across the country.

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The wall of fame - all the sewing, quilting, scrapbooking and paper crafting magazines in our extended family

We don’t get a chance to see the other teams very often and depend almost exclusively on electronic communication to stay in touch. It’s pretty rare when we get to put a living, breathing, creative person behind a voice or typewritten name.

After three years of not seeing any of my fellow editors from our Golden office, I had a blast catching up with them on a recent visit. And, since I’m a self-titled “crossover crafter” who loves everything from paper and fabric to beading and woodworking, I really do treasure the chances I get to see them in person so I can pick their amazingly talented brains.

I thought maybe you’d want to meet a few of these editors I’m delighted to call friends and colleagues, so let’s get started.

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Beth Hayes, editor in chief of McCall's Quilting

Beth Hayes has been with McCall’s Quilting for over 20 years. I just love chatting with her because she has a way of making me feel like I’m the most interesting person she’s ever met. And, considering where she’s been and who she knows, I know I’m kidding myself because there are at least a thousand other people who feel the same way after meeting her.

6983759915 ef71498c14 A big, happy magazine family

Bill Gardner - editor of Quilter's Newsletter

Bill Gardner is another one who’s been around for over 20 years. He can do just about anything, having worked on our former trade publications and even a jewelry special issue we used to publish. Now he’s bringing his dry humor and talent to the quilting world for Quilter’s Newsletter, and it’s always loads of fun to see what kind of left-field insight he’s going to share.

6837635286 abe62a59f0 A big, happy magazine family

June Dudley - editor in chief of Quiltmaker

June Dudley is one of my favorite people. We’ve partnered with Quiltmaker on a creative project or two in past years, using some of the fabrics that have been created using collections that originated from patterned paper manufacturers. She’s so on the deadline ball that I’m secretly afraid to work with her, but shhhhhh….don’t tell her that.

6983758979 173f6d9a76 A big, happy magazine family

Ellen March, editor in chief of Sew News, Sew It All, and Creative Machine Embrodery

You’re smiling, right? It’s really hard not to when you hang out with Ellen March. She’s terminally perky, and her magazines are my main sewing inspiration because the projects in Sew News and Sew It All are fun, funky, and totally approachable. She’s also the irrepressible hostess of the Sew It All TV show on PBS – this girl is a walking ray of sunshine, and I take every minute of it that I can get.

6837635938 2a4e8e43f3 A big, happy magazine family

Jen Burt, managing editor of Love of Knitting & Love of Crochet

Last but DEFINITELY not least, Jen Burt is the epicenter of energy in the Golden office. I just met her for the first time (Love of Knitting and Love of Crochet are brand new to us), but in 15 minutes of rapid-fire speed-chatting I learned about possums (the ones from Australia, not the U.S.), why the shaft of a fiber can pill, and that hand-knit cashmere socks are the only way to go. I’d be happy to share those details with you, but you really should hear them directly from Jen because I can’t do them justice.

Truly, if you’re a “crossover crafter” like me, I think you’ll love getting to know our sibling publications. I may be a bit partial, but they really are the best in the business.

And Beth, Bill, June, Ellen and Jen – I can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Jennifer thumbnail A big, happy magazine family

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10 Responses to A big, happy magazine family

  1. Yolanda D says:

    Fun post. They look like a great bunch to do lunch with.

  2. Cassie T says:

    How cool! I had no idea you were all ‘related’ to each other :D

  3. Cassie d says:

    I’m a crossover crafter, too. I’ve been crocheting way longer than Papercrafting and picked up knitting this year. I basically just love to make stuff!
    Very cool how you’re all related.

  4. Lin says:

    I had no idea you all were “related”!! I was a subscriber to Quilter’s Newsletter for years and years and years……..until making cards took over my life!!

  5. Jane says:

    What an awesome way to share our family! It was great to have you and Susan in our office yesterday!

  6. Julie Day says:

    Great article, I never realized just how many magazines were under this publishing tree :)

  7. Marlena M says:

    How interesting to see that you all connect. It really proves that crafting has no boundaries!

  8. Lori Barnett says:

    EEEK! This is AWESOME! I crochet and I was looking for some patterns to make those fun beanie caps!!! What issue is that in the picture? I MUST find it! :)

  9. Megan Smith says:

    Hi Lori! The crochet magazine you see in the photo is the Spring issue of Love of Crochet! It will be available on newsstands near you on March 27th. Happy crafting!

  10. Stacy C says:

    Thanks for the sibling insight. I’m a knitter and crocheter and I really appreciated learning another publication in the family of one I hold so highly. :-)

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