Practical Solutions Week: Practicality, Paper Crafts Style!

Kelly headshot1 Practical Solutions Week: Practicality, Paper Crafts Style!

P. Kelly Smith

Hello, friends! So glad you’re joining us for our week-long promotion of Practical Solutions for Paper Crafters! I always look forward to these online celebrations. Not only is it our chance to spotlight a new “special” issue, but it also gives us the opportunity to share some behind-the-scenes stories and photos.

By now you’ve probably seen enough of Practical Solutions for Paper Crafters to know that it’s:

  • Full of practical solutions for paper crafters (that title just came way too easy!)
  • Full of inspiring projects for every occasion and holiday
  • Full of innovative storage/organization ideas that won’t break the bank (we promise!)
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Click on the cover image to order your copy today!

Today I’m going to focus on those innovative organization/storage solutions. Did you know that every single idea was tested, approved, and assembled by a member of the Paper Crafts team? For those of you that already have a copy of the issue, turn to the Editor’s Note on p. 7. Here you’ll see snapshots of a few of us in assembly mode in Jennifer’s basement (aka “The Girl Cave”).

Anyone wondering what happened to these storage pieces after they were photographed in our studio? Well, many of them ended up in the homes of the Paper Crafts editors! And just like you would do, we customized them to fit our individual styles. Read on to see how each editor adapted their pieces!


My workshop is in our unfinished basement, so hanging anything on the walls is rather complicated. This pallet was the perfect solution because I could use jute rope and some heavy-duty screw hooks to mount it to the wood beam above the cement wall. I did modify the pallet a bit from the way it was photographed for the issue; I didn’t need the curtain rod storage or the dowel for ribbon spools at the top, so I removed them and installed two RIBBA picture ledges from IKEA where those were. I also have the ink bucket (lower right) and the soup can tool turntable (lower left). Both have been burlapped, krafted, and Graphic 45ed to fit my style, and I’ve really been having fun with that soup-can turntable. Not only is it handy, but it’s become a work in progress as I add bits and pieces to it.

6836460944 8244bfb5bb Practical Solutions Week: Practicality, Paper Crafts Style!


I couldn’t wait to get this ladder shelving unit into my craft storage space. From sewing and wrapping to crafting and painting supplies, this ladder has given me plenty of room for all my crafting supplies. I keep it tucked away in my storage room but am having thoughts of how it might look as a family room shelving unit with books, frames, and plants.

6982597849 3ebafabeb5 Practical Solutions Week: Practicality, Paper Crafts Style!


While I’m already pretty organized in my craft room, with time, there’s always the need to switch things up. I’ve been unhappy with how I had all of my bling stored up until this point, but now I have it all in one glorious sparkling place thanks to the addition of this shoe organizer. In the issue, we used regular chalk on the chalkboards (that’s my printing), but I was frustrated with the fact that I couldn’t get it to look super sleek. So I decided to buy one of those snazzy liquid chalk pens for my labeling purposes. MUCH more control, but it’s washable, so I can change it later if I have to! I was amazed by how much more ROOM this gave me.

6836461348 87fd9e7367 Practical Solutions Week: Practicality, Paper Crafts Style!


I currently live in a pretty small apartment with two other roommates. Needless to say, space is a bit tight. I’m sure some of you can relate! But even though I can’t put nails in the wall for shelves and I don’t have a large desk to store all my crafting goodies, I DO have a door. So I used this door hanger to organize a bunch of my crafting products. It’s great because it’s really quite sturdy and to keep it up, you can use some of those temporary adhesive hooks—no holes in the wall!

6836460468 c6e89308cc Practical Solutions Week: Practicality, Paper Crafts Style!


I ended up taking home the tiered lazy susan (seen on p. 25) and the hanging pegboard (seen on p. 27). Funny little back story to the pegboard: our former graphic designer Holly Mills and I were helping out at the studio the day they were shooting the pegboard. Jennifer asked us to visualize where we would hang product and then place the hooks accordingly. Without having any product to work with, we didn’t get very far. So we ran home to my craft room and gathered up as many supplies as we could fit into two medium-sized boxes. When we got back to the studio, the pegboard literally came together in minutes. I now have it hanging above an IKEA bookcase that I’ve turned horizontally. Along with my tiered button tray (seen on p. 28), my favorite craft supplies are now within arm’s reach at all times!

6851217146 3aa5b770c2 Practical Solutions Week: Practicality, Paper Crafts Style!

So there you have it! Practical storage solutions adapted from the pages of Practical Solutions for Paper Crafters! Leave a comment telling me which idea you can see implementing in your own home and I’ll pick three winners to take home a copy of the issue. All comments must be received by Thursday, March 22 at 5 pm MST.

Now make sure you check out the Moxie Fab World blog for more Practical Solutions fun!

Practical and loving it,

Kelly thumbnail Practical Solutions Week: Practicality, Paper Crafts Style!


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181 Responses to Practical Solutions Week: Practicality, Paper Crafts Style!

  1. I already use the shoe boxes, but am falling in love with the ladder! what a fun idea!

  2. Sherry says:

    Love the peg board idea – especially with the trim board!!!!

  3. DawnPat Metzker says:

    I am so excited about this issue! I have a peg board and it is under utilized. The idea I saw with crown molding is fantastic. Im starting on the can storage today. I can’t wait to see the rest of the ideas. Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. DebbieC. says:

    The hanging pallet has given me some great ideas for my wall. I love the trim around the peg board and may need to do this around my bulletin board.

  5. Helen F. says:

    Ohhh I love the pegboard and think it would be great for all the craft items I would normally keep right on top of my desk :)

  6. Jen R says:

    I love the ladder idea!

  7. Therese says:

    I can really see myself using Susan’s idea, Love that you can change the labels when you want! Thanks for all this wonderful inspiration & of course yet another chance to win!

  8. so THIS is the great kinda stuff in this special issue? oh, i just KNOW i’m going to have some fun with it! i totally want to do the IKEA bookshelf thing (and horizontal or vertical – i’m not picky, as long as it fits!), and seriously, those little carousels y’all have here are making my brain hum! love this! i’d put a little piece of velcro on the carousels and on the bottoms of the jars to prevent them from flying, but so that i could also remove them and dump ‘em out if need be.

  9. Amrita says:

    I would love to set up a pegboard in my craft room!

  10. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of using a pallet to organize crafting supplies – thanks for the chance to win!!

  11. Lynda says:

    This special edition looks like it’s chock full of useful info. I’d love to win it!

  12. Helen LeBrett says:

    Love the ladder shelves idea and the pegboard: and they would both work well for me since my craft “room” is about 1/4 of the garage!! thanks for the chance to win a fantastic magazine!!

  13. Susan says:

    Wow — what fabulous ideas. I’m torn between the back of the door storage and Susan’s shoe boxes. I’d likely have to go with the shoe boxes as they hold more!

  14. AmyBurke says:

    The soup can tool turntable below Jennifer’s pallet is a great idea for moving my many containers safely as I move my workspace about the house, while keeping them easily accessible too. Small enough to pack up when I’m done, or keep out and use for other creative pursuits (like cooking)!

  15. Julie O'Brien says:

    Do you have directions somewhere on how to make the over the door organizer or a link where it can be purchased?

  16. cindy says:

    I could see me using the back of the door mini shelving. That’s about the only “unused” area in my craftroom. Thanks for the idea!

  17. paper crafts online says:

    Julie, we don’t have directions online, but there are brief directions in the magazine. Thanks!

  18. Carol H says:

    I love the pegboard idea. I don’t have much storage space in my crafty “area” so that would solve some problems and also add some color to the room.

  19. RamonaP says:

    the tote bin with ribbons. Ihave one sitting in the garage right now!

  20. Laura says:

    Love the ladder!

  21. Sheri E. says:

    Such great ideas. I have several pallets out back. Looks like you gals had a blast putting this all together.

  22. Jamia says:

    I quite enjoy organizing my studio, and every inch is taken care of BUT the door has not been touched. I will definately be using the gutters on the door! I already have gutters in the closet holding ribbon, cant wait to get to home depot this weekend!

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  24. Mrs. Hill says:

    Great ideas! I have everything ruthlessly organized since I live in a studio apartment, so everything’s visible. The soup can turntable, though, would be very cute to use on my desk! Think of how you could decorate it. I love a previous poster’s idea of using velcro on the bottoms so they’ll stay in place but be removable. Fantastic!

  25. Jennyfer Leung says:

    Love the peg board idea – I’m bugging hubby to get me one to put my I-top and scissors!

  26. Maryd says:

    Love them all — but especially the ladder! Great re-purposing idea. Thanks for all you do to keep us inspired!

  27. Susan Canipe says:

    I think the carousels are really cool

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  30. I really like that door hanger!

  31. Lori Souter says:

    Well, hard to pick one! I love the peg board, chalkboard shoe boxes and the ladder ideas!


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