Practical Solutions Week: Teri’s DIY Layered Stickers

Teri headshot Practical Solutions Week: Teris DIY Layered Stickers

Teri Anderson

As I’ve said many times here, I’m a Do-It-Yourself-kinda of gal.

So it may come as no surprise to some of you that I love the new Practical Solutions for Paper Crafters special issue.

This magazine has so many inspirational ideas for the practical crafter! Seriously, you’d be doing your crafty heart a disservice by not getting yourself one of these.

6816130388 ebd2f4c06b Practical Solutions Week: Teris DIY Layered StickersI especially love the DIY Embellishments section. From flowers rolled from ribbon, felt, and duct tape to dogs made from wire, this issue shows DIY fan like myself a whole bunch of unique, one-of-a-kind embellishments to make. The best part is the majority of them use materials that you can find at home with things you have on hand!

Take this adorable card by Terri Davenport.

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Eggs made from felt!!? That’s what I call clever!

Inspired by the creativity from Terri and all the other crafters with projects in this special issue, I came up with a new DIY embellishment to share with you today: layered paper stickers.

All you need is a sewing machine, a stack of papers, foam tape, and a fairly solid die. I’m using a butterfly die today, but hearts, circles, and even stars work well, too.

6982497811 8d1651af46 Practical Solutions Week: Teris DIY Layered Stickers

Start with a stack of papers and die cut them many times over. I used scrap papers from my most recent paper crafting projects as well as pages from the phone book, paper doilies, old time cards, flashcards, and a paper bag.

6982497815 0b37cd9892 Practical Solutions Week: Teris DIY Layered Stickers

Stack several layers of die cuts up.

6982497817 6ccd4133a3 Practical Solutions Week: Teris DIY Layered Stickers

Then use your sewing machine to stitch the layers of die cuts together. It’s key to not use adhesive before you do this or you might gunk up your sewing machine.

6982497821 b72a5ac17e Practical Solutions Week: Teris DIY Layered Stickers

Take your layered shapes and place foam tape or foam squares behind them. Only remove one side of adhesive so you can use the shapes when you are ready.

6982500619 dca98f7921 Practical Solutions Week: Teris DIY Layered Stickers

I used some of my layered butterfly stickers on this card.

6982497799 6b6b1ac4de Practical Solutions Week: Teris DIY Layered Stickers

Check out all those layers of die cuts!

6982497803 76489fcd7f Practical Solutions Week: Teris DIY Layered Stickers

Want to win a copy of Practical Solutions for Paper Crafters and some of my layered butterfly stickers? Leave a comment for me! I’ll pick two of you to win some of my butterflies and a copy of the issue.

6836374290 6e66202773 Practical Solutions Week: Teris DIY Layered Stickers

All comments must be received by Friday, March 23rd at 5 pm MST.

Keep on crafting!

Teri Anderson

Paper Crafts Go-to Gal

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226 Responses to Practical Solutions Week: Teri’s DIY Layered Stickers

  1. Love your talent and love those butterflies! {And LOVE this issue!}
    Lupus Awareness month is coming up soon (May), so I hope to be making these in various shades of purple to spread awareness.

    Where is that die from?

  2. *Nevermind about me asking where the die is from. I see in one of the pictures you have it labeled PTI.

  3. Aaaaaannnnnd…me again.
    Doesn’t look like PTI sells that particular die anymore. BUMMER.

  4. Jordan says:

    I would love a chance to win this fun magazine! :) I really love your butterflies. Thanks!

  5. Kelly M. says:

    Love the idea of using scraps of paper to make the layered butterflies! Super cute!

  6. Those butterflies r wonderful! I’m organizing my craft area (a section of our bedroom~lol!) & this magazine would come n real handy! Thanx;) ~prhmangel(at)gmail(dot)com

  7. JeanD says:

    They are fantastic butterflies and I would love to win a copy of the magazine. Thanks for the chance

  8. Cathy says:

    Wow those butterflies are cute… and clever!!! This magazine is peaking my interest… think it’s one of those that if I don’t win (which I hope I do) I will need to get my hands on anyway.

  9. Lisa P says:

    Love those butterflies! Great ideas shared today.

  10. Felicity says:

    I have a few people that those gorgeous butterflies would work well on their cards. What a great look! Thanks so much for the chance!

  11. Mrs. Hill says:

    I love this idea! Layering like that could be used for so many shapes: flowers, swirls… Too bad I don’t have a die cutting machine but punches would work too!

  12. Mitzi Graves says:

    Love those butterflies I hope I win…….you are very talented and creative………

  13. Deirdre says:

    These are fabulous – what a great idea – thanks for the wonderful inspiration and a chance to win.

  14. Cynthia Rose says:

    What a great way to use up scraps and create a cool embellishment. Thanks.

  15. Susan Canipe says:

    What a great way to use scraps and make something so useful too! Love this magazine!

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  17. Lisa Bond says:

    Love this!! Never would have dreame of using phonebooks and such to stack- always used scrapbook papers!! Thanks for saving me a few dimes!

  18. Julie Stoker says:

    I have not tried any sewing in my scrapping….YET! I keep seeing it… guess it’s time I tried it cuz I love those many layers!!! And the magazine would be a plus!!

  19. Tracy Hewlette says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea – it will also work with a cricut, cutting the different types of paper. Thanks for sharing! Would really like to have this magazine…

  20. Andie says:

    I love it! Love the idea of using all the stuff for different things… cheap and easy! I love all your stuff! Definitely gonna need to check out this mag :)

  21. Linda Beeson says:

    Your butterflies are fabulous, I am going to be trying that for sure! Watch out junk mail.

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  23. Marian Hughes says:

    Just soooo love this idea. I’m very new to this crafty stuff and am now 100% obsessed Lol :)
    Unfortunately the magazine is not available in Ireland :(
    Thanks so much for sharing

  24. Barbara Gentry says:

    Love these butterflies…..finally an easy, CLEAN, sofistikated card that will work for almost any occasion. I find some samples are just too too busy for me. Thanks a bunch for the idea and bless your creative mind. *spelling on purpose yuk yu

  25. Absolutely ingenious! I am in love with these butterflies! <3

  26. Louella says:

    This is an exciting techinque for me. Something I know I can do and it looks really neat, I’ll be trying this very soon! Thanks for sharing it with us. Louella

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