Stamping Royalty, Day Two: Thank You

6918863084 27c49a8eea Stamping Royalty, Day Two: Thank YouEach year since 2004, we’ve inducted the crème de la crème of stampers into a posh society known as Stamping Royalty. And this year is no different. Congratulations to the following winners, who won in the Thank You category:

6902022422 57eed51170 q Stamping Royalty, Day Two: Thank YouVeronica Zalis




6902115706 cb7ba2bda6 m Stamping Royalty, Day Two: Thank You

Rebecca Deeprose




7048102015 0aaa50c082 q Stamping Royalty, Day Two: Thank You Heather Campbell



Congrats, ladies! You will be royally honored with a prize package containing the latest stamping products from some of the hottest manufacturers, have your winning card published in our November/December 2012 issue, and be put on Paper Crafts’ designer list to receive our exclusive call for submissions!

Have a great weekend, and stay tuned for tomorrow (yes, we are posting on a Saturday) when we reveal the winners in the Hello/Thinking of You category!

~The Paper Crafts Team

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14 Responses to Stamping Royalty, Day Two: Thank You

  1. Jamie Greene says:

    Congrats ladies:)

  2. jen shears says:


  3. Congratulations, ladies! I look forward to seeing your winning cards!

  4. Sarah Jay says:

    Big congratulations!

  5. April W says:

    Congrats ladies!!!!

  6. Carolynn Wilson says:

    CoNgRaDuLaTiOnS!!!! Happy Day!!

  7. Congratulations to these ladies…how exciting..

  8. Helen F. says:

    CONGRATS to these talented ladies :)

  9. AnitaRex says:

    Yay congrats ladies! :>

  10. Jingle says:


  11. Shelley R says:

    Congratulations ladies, I can’t wait to look at more of your work :)

  12. Sharon D says:

    Big congrats, ladies!

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