Happy Nerd Day!

Holly blog shot Happy Nerd Day!

Holly Anderson

Today is Nerd Pride Day! Are you a nerd? I’m a believer that all of us are nerds in one way or another (maybe we are all crafting nerds??), and today is a day to celebrate it!

Also, did you check out our current issue of Paper Crafts? The May/June issue’s Moxie Fabs column is all about spectacles! You’ll see many cards in this column with the glasses motif—the very symbol of nerddom.

So here’s the nerdiest of them all—the leading card from our May/June Moxie Fabs column!

7243130846 5b46c6e17b Happy Nerd Day!

I Heart Nerds Card by Kim Kesti

Don’t you just love it? You’ll find the supplies and instruction in the May/June issue and the pattern for the glasses right here.

Would you like to win a nerdy prize? How about this cute Oxford collection from BasicGrey?

7243918508 c1ab244124 Happy Nerd Day!Comment below telling me what you’re nerdy about, and I will choose one random winner to win this collection! Here, I’ll start you off this time—I’m a linguistics nerd! I like learning about the English language and all the sounds we make when we speak. Now your turn! All comments must be received by Tuesday, May 29th at 5 pm MDT.

Happy Nerd Day and thanks for checking in!

Holly Signature Happy Nerd Day!

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158 Responses to Happy Nerd Day!

  1. Katherine S. says:

    I’m nerdy about two things: papercrafting and Cub Scouts. If there’s an achievement for it, I know about it and get my boys information about earning it. :) Yep, nerdy. Even have an app on my phone about it.

  2. katie says:

    Duh…papercrafting! :)

  3. Mel H says:

    I’m a total TV nerd…I can remember the oddest little details about shows, actors and scenes….drives people crazy when I pull out some wierd factoid!

  4. Hm, I am nerdy in so many ways. But, in school and to present I love learning Europe history, geography, and nature. :)

  5. Diana Albright says:

    I’m a nerd in so many ways… I’ve gone back to school and I am so nerdy in love with everything! I’m a nerdy social scientist at heart – love politics, economics, sociology, etc – but I discovered I really love the pure sciences (chemistry, physics…). I’m no Sheldon, but I just love it! Also, I’m a total Harry Potter nerd. ;-)

  6. Anna Petitt says:

    Well I can honestly say, I’m not that nerdy about anything! But I love to read and I guess that’s a little nerdy, right! LOL!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Carmen says:

    I’m a nerd about office supplies. Can’t get enough of them – paper, pens, folders, etc.

  8. Christina Prahl says:

    I´m nerdy about papercrafting and my garden.

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