Groovin’ with the Go-to Gals: Clear Stamp Storage

Color Headshot Jennifer McG 204x300 Groovin with the Go to Gals: Clear Stamp Storage

Jennifer McGuire

Hello, fellow cardmakers!

I don’t know about you but one of my favorite parts of card making is collecting fun supplies. Especially stamps! No other product is as versatile or fun to use. However, keeping them organized can be challenging.

After years of trying to figure out the best organization solution for my ever-growing clear and cling stamp collection, I finally found a system that works really well. I thought I would share it with you—my fellow addicted-to-stamping card maker—along with a few variations.

Here it is!

7584253018 ab83f05ecc Groovin with the Go to Gals: Clear Stamp StorageI first start with these CD binder pockets from Office Depot. (They can be found in stores or online here.) They are the perfect size to fit most clear and cling stamps and have a great flap that holds them in place while still being easy to access.

7584253140 10ab2765ff Groovin with the Go to Gals: Clear Stamp StorageI then cut carefully down the middle of the seam between the pockets. (If you are careful, both pockets will remain sealed.) To give a bit of support to the stamps, I add a piece of scrap cardstock in each pocket. And, to keep myself even more organized, I use my label maker to add the product name for the stamps inside.

I like to be able to easily flip through my stamps and see them all. So I keep my pockets in plastic tubs, although I am still on the hunt for something cuter.

7584253110 b5f5b94283 Groovin with the Go to Gals: Clear Stamp StorageThis system works really well for me. Not only is everything easy to see, I also love the fact that they close to keep loose stamps from being lost.

Another way to use these types of pockets is to hang them on a clip storage system. (I show more of this method here.) This way you can put stamps on both the front and back of the paper in each pocket and can easily spin to see them all.

And finally, you can always keep the pockets together and put them in a binder, as I show in an older video here. This is great if your space is limited.

7584253192 9700d27b98 Groovin with the Go to Gals: Clear Stamp StorageBy the way, this same system would be great for storing thin dies! And if you can’t get these pockets or if it is too pricey, try using resealable bags instead. My favorite source is, but you can also find inexpensive baggies in the bead department of craft stores.

I hope this gives you some ideas for convenient storage. Happy organizing!

Jennifer McGuire, Paper Crafts Go-to Gal

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30 Responses to Groovin’ with the Go-to Gals: Clear Stamp Storage

  1. JustB says:

    It appears you keep your stamps on the plastic sheet on which they were sold – I thought I understood this was not good and they should immediately be removed from that plastic sheet and put into CD or DVD boxes. Was this incorrect?

  2. Kim Makortoff says:

    This is a great idea! I have mine in plastic sleeves in a binder. For those little small sets of clear stamps I got a binder sleeve meant for holding baseball cards. That works really well for them.

  3. Cassie T says:

    Great info, Jennifer! I’m always looking for better ways to store my clear sets :)

  4. Dawn Walton says:

    This is very similar to my method, but I use the Thintainers and Thickertainers… the first for my unmounted and the second for the wood stamps I couldn’t say no to. I also have sorted them into “similar” categories, so I can fit as many as possible into each container… flowers, bugs/animals, people, xmas, easter, words… so I do “break up” sets but it helps me visualize putting different things together if I’m not already thinking in a “set” mentality. And those “Tainers” fit perfectly into some of cute storage baskets I can get at Michaels. My only downfall is knowing what I have, so I’ve actually gone thru and stamped all of my stamps onto plain paper, that way I can see my images easily and then find the one I want.

  5. Hollyk1226 says:

    What a great idea, I will have to look for these. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sue says:

    I use baseball card sleeves for my small acrylic stamp sets. I do love this idea for my bigger sets. THanks.

  7. Fantastic idea to storage thank you so much.

  8. Leslie Webster says:

    Great idea. I already store all my thin dies in ziploc sandwich plastic baggies and label them with a label in a nice big print so it’s easy to read and they just are gathered in a basket. I am fortunate to have stamp drawers so room for those is not an issue but I am thinking those binder pockets would be a nice upgrade to my lunch baggies. TFS

  9. Christine Nixon says:

    Great storage idea! I am at the place where I need to catalog my clear stamps and this system looks like a very functional method. I use a similar method for my dies and love that I can just flip through them and pull what I need. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Pamela Palm says:

    I do have my clear stamps hanging on a clip it up but need some nice CD binder pockets to put them in. Right now, they are in the original packages and if you use your stamps and take them in and out, eventually those clear bags they come in, break down. Great idea, thank you. I have my close to my heart stamp sets in a tub like yours but they come in sturdy plastic envelopes already.

  11. Lisa L. says:

    fabulous ideas!

  12. Helen F. says:

    Thanks for the great storage ideas, Jennifer~~ALWAYS looking for better organization of my crafty goods :)

  13. Amy M says:

    Great idea. So easy to see them too. I will have to try it.

  14. justasiam says:

    Dawn, I am very interested in the Thintainers and Thickertainers. What are they and where can I purchase some. I have a ton of wood mounted stamps and don’t have a good way to store or organize them yet.

  15. Karen L K says:

    I used your binder idea and it works great for me! Thanks for sharing your organizing ideas!

  16. Jennifer, thanks for all the great ideas for storing stamps! I’m in the middle of sorting out my stamps at the moment and your tips will help me get organised!

  17. Charlene Paxton says:

    Wow I need all the help I can get to organize.

  18. Really quality information, thank you so much.

  19. Colleen says:

    Hi Jennifer!

    Just thought I’d suggest IKEA cd cases (I’m not certain that’s what they’re called) for storing your pockets. They look like small shoe boxes with some metal edging for reinforcement. I’ve been using the black ones, and I love that they fit facing straight ahead in an upper cabinet. They have straight sides, so more fit on a shelf. And there’s a bookplate on the front for labeling. They’re also very inexpensive. If you need a photo, I’d be happy to oblige. I’m picking up some more while in Cincinnati for Stampaway. I hope to see you again there!


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  21. kmcorby says:

    I tried binders for a while and hated them. I hated having pull out the whole binder to get one stamp. I have since moved my clear and cling stamps to clear plastic shoe boxes from Target, divided by type (botanical, sentiment, etc.) and labeled. I can see what’s in the boxes and just reach in and grab the desired stamp. This works well for me.

    My wood-mounted stamps I have arranged by type in the shallow drawers of rolling utility carts. This is less than ideal but it works well enough for now.

  22. laurie says:

    I also could not work with the binder system. I didn’t like how quickly it became bulky and once bulky, things tended to slip. I store a lot of sets in cd cases (not the thin ones they don’t tend to work as well). I like this method because you can use the spine to label if you want to stand them up; nothing moves; and there are SO MANY storage options for cd cases.
    I really like this idea for my dies. Thanks, Jennifer

  23. Kris Van Allen says:

    I like to flip through mine as well, but use the empty stamp cases from Stampin Up. They are available in the catalog. They are the same as the containers tha their stamps come in now, similar to clear DVD cases. I use these same containers for Nestabilities as well.

  24. Sue Fitzgerald says:

    I store mine in a similar way but use the kaiser craft storage sleeves. They are good heavy duty plastic with a slidelock down one side so you cant loose any and can store two sets back to back. They come in three or four sizes. There are holes down the side and a tab on top so you have the option of putting them in a folder, hanging them or in a basket, drawer etc.

  25. Debs says:

    I use hanging clear project cases and then “file” them in a hanging file folder bin. I use a piece of white computer paper to separate front and back. This makes it easier to see the contents. I label the tops so I do not have to pull each case to see the contents. I organize by season and theme. The bins store easily in the bottom of a closet or below my desk. I do like Jennifer’s solution better as I think flipping though the files is easier and less bulky.

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  30. Jack says:

    You can find the product here:
    Clear Storage Cases 14mm for Rubber Stamps (No Hub)
    Black Storage Cases 14mm for Rubber Stamps (No Hub)

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