Happy Pioneer Day!

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Melinda Ward

Welcome to another rendition of Holidays You May Not Have Known Existed!

You may not know it, but Utah has its own holiday, celebrating not just the Mormon pioneers, but anyone that settled here anytime before the railroad came through. It’s celebrated today!

July 24th is the same day that Brigham Young and the Mormon pioneers first entered the valley back in 1847.


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Pioneer Reenactment Picture

Photo credit

Local cities celebrate with rodeos, fairs, and parades. For those of us that are transplants to the state, there is another important aspect to the holiday: more fireworks! I grew up in a part of California where even the simplest fireworks are illegal, so I love creating my own fireworks show. I giggle like a little kid.

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I don’t think we can buy these locally, but they are my favorite.

Photo credit

Of course, I have another reason to love the fireworks. Sometimes, when the 24th is on a Sunday (and even when it’s not), people light fireworks on July 23rd, which you found out yesterday is my birthday. It’s like the whole valley celebrates! I know it’s not really for me, but it makes me feel a little special.

Do you have a local or statewide holiday? Do you get excited for fireworks like I do?

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7 Responses to Happy Pioneer Day!

  1. Karen Comer says:

    In Baltimore, Maryland we have a celebration and a contest to find “Ms. Balmore Hon”. It just a way of remembering what life in Baltimore use to and how we spoke and dressed. Lots of fun and very funny to listen to. We don’t have fireworks but a parade is always good. I too love fireworks and feel like a kid inside!!

  2. Helen F. says:

    Not sure about any specific celebrations statewide here in FL ~ other than being such a “Retiree’s haven” and just getting up each morning celebrating life!
    LOVE to watch the professional fireworks displays out on the water on the 4th of July here!

  3. Nancy Dailey says:

    Who wouldn’t love this scoreboard? Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Brenda B says:

    Love to watch fireworks and make an attempt at photographing them. We didn’t have fireworks this year due to a fire ban…boohoo!

  5. Tara Capewell says:

    i am like you! when i was a kids you could buy fireworks. then they made them illegal when i was about 12 years old :( so i really missed the backyard celebrations and the antics that happened with my dad lighting them. i went to the UK to live for 6 years and over there they are not illegal so i was like a kids in a candy store! i just loved it!!!

  6. Helen LeBrett says:

    And dang, I missed your b-day!! Happy birthday, even if it’s a day late :-P j
    Enjoy the fireworks tonight!! We don’t have them in Calif on the 24th, but being Mormon, I do think of the pioneers!!

  7. mbunny says:

    Congratulations on your Facebook benchmark! 8

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