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Jennifer Schaerer

A few months ago I shared a few of the tricks we’ve been learning in order to make the most out of our digital issues. Remember, if you’re a print subscriber you automatically have free access to our digital issues AND the exclusive content we include in those digital versions. Yep – you get an extra 10-12 pages of card making inspiration in each issue when you access it digitally.

If you haven’t signed up for free digital access yet, click HERE. And if you’re not a subscriber or aren’t sure you want to sign up for digital access, you can try a sneak peek HERE.

In my last group of handy tips, I told you how you can access the digital archives (back to the September/October 2011 issue), how to use the Table of Contents to jump directly to an article or column, and all about the exclusive bonus projects in every digital issue.

7399236678 fe0dd4af59 Paper Crafts digital issues   MORE tips and tricks

There are 10-12 extra pages of inspiration in each digital issue of Paper Crafts magazine!

You said in the comments on that post that you want to learn how to download issues to your computer, iPad, or tablet for offline access and also how to print, so that’s today’s lesson. It’s quick and easy, too!

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Once you've logged into the issue, start with the "tray" icon in the upper right corner of your screen

After you click on the tray icon, you’ll end up on a screen with a direct link to download the entire digital issue to your computer, iPad, or tablet.

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Just click to download, and if you have difficulty there are several links to help walk you through the process

During the download process, you’ll have to add an extension application in order to interact with the offline digital issue. It’s related to Adobe Acrobat Reader and is trusted as well as free.

7742969162 fcbded9cfb Paper Crafts digital issues   MORE tips and tricks

A simple application downloads in a minute or two and will allow you to interact with your digital issues each time you download them

Ta da! You now have our digital issue (or issues) on your computer, iPad, or tablet. Now here comes one of the coolest things – you can print out individual pages, a selection of pages, or the entire digital issue if you want. Let’s say you really like the Fly Away Card by Alyssa Scritchfield on page 78 of the September/October 2012 issue (and I *may* have chosen this one as my pick on the From the Editors page, but you’ll have to check for yourself to be sure…) and want to have it available for inspiration without tearing apart your printed issue.

7744346684 9438f90722 Paper Crafts digital issues   MORE tips and tricks

Want to print a page and tack it up on your inspiration board? Keep reading for the how-to!

Just click on the “print” icon in the upper right corner of the digital issue and check out your printing options.

7742969346 0e815585b1 Paper Crafts digital issues   MORE tips and tricks

Click on the "print" icon and choose your options for printing one or more pages in each issue

Once you’re in the print options screen, you can print what you want, when you want, the way you want.

7742969234 3b63e64d0d Paper Crafts digital issues   MORE tips and tricks

Print a range of pages, a single page, or the entire issue!

Give it a try – this may become your favorite thing about the digital issues. It’s really handy for making notes on supply lists, or capturing ideas for personalizing a particular project, or even just putting a pretty project photo in plain view for days when you need a creative lift.

And, since we’re on the topic of digital issues, there were several comments on my last post about the free download for Holiday Cards & More Volume 6 not working, so I looked into it.

First, click HERE for the download page.

7742969008 9e9f63d52c Paper Crafts digital issues   MORE tips and tricksEnter your email address, your first name, and your zip code and you’ll land on the download page.

7742969112 6677db96d9 Paper Crafts digital issues   MORE tips and tricksAfter you double-click on the cover photo, it’s a bit of a waiting game. With 164 pages of great photos, the file is a nice hefty size. Since it was published just before we launched our digital issues last summer, we weren’t able to put it in the same easy-access format as our regular digital issues. But good things come to those who wait, so if you give it the time it needs to download you’ll have some free holiday inspiration valued at $14.99!

Our next lesson will cover all the ways you can bookmark and share our digital issues on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, DIGG, Delicious, and other social media channels. My testing and research is already underway!

Until our next chat,

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24 Responses to Paper Crafts digital issues – MORE tips and tricks

  1. Thank you! I had the paper copy but it’s so handy on my laptop. :)

  2. Kate says:

    Is there a way that I can just subscribe to the digital copy, not the hard copy?

  3. Emma says:

    Same question as Kate above…..Can I subscribe to the digital copy only?

  4. Caroline says:

    Thanks so much for the free download but I’m still having problems. I’ve downloaded the mag to my ipad2 but it refuses to open in iBooks. Any idea what’s going wrong?

  5. Shelley R says:

    Added pages to the digital issues? I’m going there to check it out now. Thanks for the great tips!

  6. Susan says:

    I’m a subscriber to the print issues, and I’m logged in, but I can’t see where or how to get to past digital issues. Under the Magazine drop down menu above, I only see the CURRENT digital issue. Going to Magazines-> Past issue only takes me to purchase past print copies in the Scrap & Paper shop. How do I get to the past digital issues?

  7. Eeeek! YAY! Thank you! I’m still waiting for my Sept/Oct paper issue so this digi will hold me over quiet nicely. :D

  8. Kate, Emma, and Susan – I addressed those questions and included links in the previous post, which you can find here:

  9. Rose says:

    thanks so much for the free digital issue to try out before subscribing :)

  10. Wow I can’t wait to try these new trick/tips out.

  11. Dana C.... says:

    Thanks so much for the free down load…Love it..

  12. Kelly Pitzlin says:

    You really need to fix the archives. Because I didn’t sign up for them right away, because I didn’t have an iPad at that time. It keeps saying I don’t have access to the archives. this is a HUGE frustration! I have had a subscription for years and years…..

  13. lee says:

    thanks so very much for the mag!!! I don’t have a subscription but I do pick up now and again at the store…

  14. Judy1223 says:

    What I found strange is that, despite being a (print version) subscriber for several years, it says I only have access to the archives for 2012. I can’t access the three available 2011 issues. Despite that, I have to say THANK YOU because I LOVE having these issues in both digital and print versions. So nice to be able to “flip” through the pages on my iPad!

  15. Susan Canipe says:

    Thank you so much!

  16. Alyssa S says:

    Thank you…not only for the free digi issue, but also for the amazing shout out!! I am truly honored! :o )

  17. Dilly B. says:

    Thank you for the digital free issue! I have years of paper magazines stacked up and now I can just browse IPad.

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  19. Cindy says:

    I downloaded the free holiday cards, but I can’t find it on my iPad?e

  20. Sharon D says:

    I just downloaded Holiday Cards & More Volume 6 – thank you, Paper Crafts!!! And I just signed up for my free digital access to the regular issues. I love reading the paper versions, but it’s awesome to get early access! :)

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  22. NinaB says:

    Will there be a tutorial on how to use the Ipad App? I just downloaded it and there’s no place to login with my existing subscription. I saw the catalog and clicked on one magazine just to try and it automatically downloaded. I then realized that it may have cost me $1.99 to do that, but there was no indication that I was going to be charged to download. I already have both print and digital copy (from the PC website, not app) of the issue. I have been waiting for this app for a long time! Thanks!

  23. Pingback: Paper Crafts – our digital issue is going BIG! | Paper Crafts Connection

  24. Tina Boggs says:

    I am also having problems with the archives. When I try to view issues prior to Sept 2013, it tells me I don’t have a subscription, even though I have had one for years. Please post a fix for those of us having this problem.

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