Card Making: The Joy of Making Connections

Cath headshot Card Making: The Joy of Making Connections

Cath Edvalson

As card makers, we get a thrill out of seeing the new stamps, patterned papers, die sets, and embellishments that are just waiting for us to incorporate into our handmade cards. As each release comes and goes, we squeal, we salivate, and dream about the crafty possibilities. A small fortune later, we delight in the creative journey that culminated in a card that we are proud of, but if there weren’t a recipient at the other end, I’m not sure that journey would be quite so rewarding.


7749823306 6dc5956b57 n Card Making: The Joy of Making ConnectionsAs World Card Making Day nears, I find myself thinking about the connections that I have made because I am a part of this craft that is all about giving a part of ourselves to one another. I have made countless friends that I would not have made otherwise, and this year in particular, I have been on the receiving end of beautiful handmade cards from those very friends who have sent me well-wishes as I have dealt with the challenges surrounding an injured shoulder.

I mean, just look at some of the many cheerful greetings that I have found in my mailbox recently!

This gorgeous card is by Cindy Holshouser. It was one of the challenge-winning cards from The Appearance of Cameos Challenge in the Moxie Fab World. Imagine my delight when I opened it! What a lovely surprise!

8050948690 dd25d48890 Card Making: The Joy of Making ConnectionsI received this happy card from Jana Millen, a dear friend I’ve known since my early days at Paper Crafts magazine:

8050948136 5f2a8766a8 Card Making: The Joy of Making ConnectionsWhen Virginia Lu and Lorena Canto started a blog hop in my honor to cheer me up when I was unable to go to CHA Winter, a few people sent me the actual cards including this fun card by Cristina Kowalczyk:

8050942283 3bd5091590 Card Making: The Joy of Making Connections…and this layered beauty by Vanessa Menhorn:

8050942953 ae389092ef Card Making: The Joy of Making Connections

I moxie love the sweet landscape Julia Stainton so artfully created in this card, especially that heart punched out of the clouds!

8050941769 06d9bf1e52 Card Making: The Joy of Making ConnectionsThe kindness and generosity that is expressed in this craft continues to amaze me, and I am so grateful for all the connections I have made over the years. Here’s to card makers everywhere and the joy we all bring to one another!

How about you? What kinds of special connections have you made through card making? I’d love to hear about how card making has enriched your life in the comments section below. Comment below telling me about some connections you’ve made through the craft, and I’ll pick one of you to take home this moxie prize, perfect for card making: Sunny Side by Pebbles!

8051010559 502cb1ba10 Card Making: The Joy of Making ConnectionsAll comments must be received by Monday, October 8th at 5 pm MDT.

Happy World Card Making Day!


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199 Responses to Card Making: The Joy of Making Connections

  1. Sandi D says:

    After moving to South Florida eleven years ago I was feeling lonesome and missed my friends back in Michigan. My husband suggested I visit a cute coffee/scrapbook store he noticed close to our house. That wonderful suggestion opened up a fabulous network of friends that has grown over the years. These ladies are warm, fun-loving friends that have enriched my life in so many ways. We meet as a group once a month for a potluck dinner and night of scrapping. I am blessed to know them.

  2. Michele aka Goat Girl says:

    I’m new to this world of card making so I haven’t made any direct connections yet but I love the sense of community, caring and sharing!

  3. Jamia says:

    Card making has introduced me to a ton of wonderful ladies! It has also given me a way to make some one feel special with a card!

  4. I’ve made and sent cards to my husband’s aunts and uncles and it’s been such a neat way to get to know them. Most of the time their family only gathers for weddings and funerals, so it’s been so nice to catch up with each other on a more frequent basis.

  5. When I have made a special card for a friend or relative and they take the time to call and thank me for it, that is a wonderful connection – and the reason I love card-making so much!

  6. Caryn S. says:

    It’s amazing how many paper crafters you “uncover” by giving someone a hand made card.

  7. Emily h says:

    Well this year has been a super tough one. I started my blog at the beginning of the year and have been so blessed by the blog world. Card making has definitely been a pleasant escape from the tough things this year.

  8. Tracie bee says:

    I’m new to the crafting world in making any connections and still learning what’s going on the beginning and the ends

  9. Card making and crafting has brought me into this wonderful world of blogging and meeting such wonderful people and companies like yourself. I also met my best friend though card making and that in it self is all it’s worth.

  10. Stacy says:

    I am relatively new to scrapping, I have only been doing it a couple of years. My girl friend talked me into starting when we both adopted daughters and wanted to make them life books. I never realized how much I would grow to love it and how many friends it would bring to my life. Stacy H-W

  11. Kylie says:

    I joined an online stamping group when I first began stamping. Now, more than 12 or so years later, we are all still friends. We have been through births, marriages and sadly even deaths together. I feel very lucky to have made such wonderful friends through this hobby.

  12. Susela says:

    Making cards has opened up ways to spend time with my daughter and helped us find ways to reach out to our community. Our favorite so far has been putting mini encouragement cards we made into books at the library.

  13. Kara says:

    I’ve only been cardmaking for a month but it has awakened the creative bits of my brain in a marvelous way. As a veteran, I love the idea of making wonderful cards and then sending them to Operation Write Home for deployed service members to use to keep in touch.

  14. Toni K says:

    Almost all of my real true true friends, I met through stamping. Seriously. And I couldn’t be happier about it :)

  15. Tiffani says:

    I was introduced to rubber stamping and card making right after college – almost 20 years ago – by a dear co-worker. We do not live near one another anymore but have kept in touch via the internet.

  16. I have made so many friends through this obsession of mine! One such friend is a fairly recent gift, but we have quickly became firm friends! I was at my LSS (where I am on the DT) one Saturday and talking to a customer I had seen there before. She was looking at one of my projects and asking questions and I said “You should go check out my blog … I have all the pictures and details there”. And she quickly said “Oh, I’ve been following your blog for a LONG time”! So we talked for a while and I invited her to join us on a weekday to scrap together. By the end of the day we were friends on Facebook, and the very next week we ‘played’ together at the LSS. That was several months ago, and now we have a regular Thursday play date and having a wonderful time getting to know each other and becoming close friends.

  17. Marcie Sharp says:

    It’s not a new connection I’ve made, but rather a strengthened one. My mom and I started cardmaking at the same time, and since then have become much closer, creating together occasionally, excitedly talking about our new purchases, travelling to CHA together, waiting together to hear back from Paper Crafts to see if we would be published, and so much more.

  18. laura j says:

    i have made so many new friends through a shared love (perhaps obsession!lol) of stamping and papercrafting! so much creativity and inspiration amongst this group of friends!

  19. Debstamps says:

    You’re spot on Cath…while the stamps and the stuff are fun, it’s the people we meet on the way. International friends, local friends ;) , and friends who never knew they were artistic until we shared/showed them new ways to express themselves!

  20. Karen B. says:

    What wonderful things people do for each other! I can proudly say that I’ve met many “friends” through paper crafting, and two of my best friends I’ve never even met!

  21. Helen F. says:

    I love the special and caring people I have come to know on a personal level through this wonderful hobby through blogging, email, Facebook and snail mail. I feel so very blessed to call you “friend” and hope one day to actually meet each and every one of you to thank you in person for your love, comfort and support! XOXO

  22. Silvia Diaz says:

    I have connected with family through card making. I mean really it is very different from scrapbooking because when you make a card you have to SEND it or what was the point? Sharing your creation and bringing joy to another in the mail is what makes it all the more fun!

  23. Barbara Martin says:

    I only recently discovered the wonderful on-line community of paper crafters. I love being part of such a positive and energetic community. I am constantly amazed by how supportive everyone is towards each other (and me!) and how willing people are to share their talent and technique.

  24. Marlena McD says:

    Cardmaking, and blogging about it~has opened doors to relationships across the globe! It is so encouraging to visit and receive visits from designers all over the world that love to stamp,papercraft,and DESIGN as much as I do. It’s opened conversations to faith,struggles,pain and rejoicing~there are REAL people behind those blogs and comments. I wouldn’t have known them otherwise~

  25. Jess S. says:

    Cardmaking’s a great way to open up your creativity. I’ve learned so many tips, tricks and techniques by going online to see what more experienced crafters have done. Everyone’s so wonderful. :)

  26. Becky Sorensen says:

    Making cards brought my best friend to me – Katie Renz! We both shared so much and we met when I wanted a stamp set from CTMH. She lived less than a mile from me and that first order made us instant friends. We shared being moms of twins, cardmaking, and then while she was fighting the cancer, the love from around the world encompassed me. Katie taught me to expand my card making and also how to fight the hard fights. She has been gone now almost a year, but the friends from around the world still are some of my friends and every card I make has a little of Katie’s love in it too.

  27. Cheryl W says:

    Cardmaking has not only introduced me to new friends, it has strengthened my belief in the good hearts of strangers. Wonderful women that didn’t know me personally, took the time to encourage me when I started my blog just a few months ago. Papercrafting has also brought me closer to family members. They read my cardmaking blog ( and comment from time to time. I am able to express my love for them through my cards and my blog. As MS would say, “It’s a very good thing!”

  28. Jacquie says:

    I was lucky enough to find a group of local crafty friends after moving states 6 years ago – the internet & blogging has allowed us to expand our circle in such an incredible way. There is a wonderful bond that links us & our passion for paper, ink & patterns!

  29. Lynda says:

    My parents are now in their 80s & are not so easy to buy gifts for anymore. But I have found that making card sets for my mother is the perfect gift for her. She’s always telling me when she has sent off one of my cards. And then she always includes a comment about what a nice card it was! I’m thankful to be able to give her something that she enjoys & can use.

  30. Jenny Johns says:

    This avenue of creativity has allowed me to find comfort and enjoyment, and constantly helps to remind me of the little things in life that matter! As a single mother, I work hard to provide for my child and our home, and find that the late evenings creating and browsing blogs and challenges (when I can) is such a stress reliever. Though I rarely get together with other crafters (due to time), I am a fan of so many talented artists in this industry and their inspiration is worth millions! I’ve made waaaay more friends in the online crafting community, than I’ve ever had. ‘Cheers’ to friends and inspiration!

  31. Cindy Holshouser says:

    I have met some great women that live in the vicinity by first meeting them online! It seems like there are so many crafty people out there, but actually it is a small group in the big scheme of things. I love sharing things with the friends I have that also enjoy all things paper:)

  32. Emily K says:

    I’ve made so many friends through crafting and I love it. Currently, I live in a place that doesn’t have much in the world of scrapbooking or card making, so I visit my online friends often. Card making is a way for me to experiment on a smaller scale, use my scraps, and share my craft with others outside of my family. I’ve made my friends birthday cards, my coworkers holiday cards, and every time they love the creation so much that they show it off. I feel much closer to people when I give them a piece of me in a card. Then so special when they display it for others to share and admire. Card making is not only fun, it’s an experience for everyone involved. It makes everyone smile.

  33. Mindy H says:

    I love being able to encourage friends near and far with a handmade card and also keep in touch with family that I don’t get to see in person nearly enough. I’ve also begun enjoying the encouraging network of paper crafters online and also opportunities to meet fellow crafting ladies at papercrafting events.

  34. Kathy A says:

    Had so much fun stamping with a friend, that we opened a small stamp store together in 1999. For three wonderful years we met hundreds of great people and became friends with many great retailers. Life changes meant selling the store… but our friendship, and love of stamping, has stood the test of time.

  35. Anne S. says:

    The special connections I have made through my cardmaking are too numerous to mention in this small space. Through this paper-crafting adventure I’ve been on, I have made so many dear friends over the years. I truly enjoy teaching others stamping techniques that I have learned and I truly enjoy learning techniques from others. I love making cards and personalized gifts that reflect each recipient’s personality and it’s an added bonus when they notice all the love and care that has gone into each one of my creations. It really is more fun to give than receive…

  36. Irma says:

    I have always made cards for friends and family but lately I have enjoyed expanding my knowledge and just by showing my cards, I have made friends and some have asked me to help them use their own scrapping supplies… it makes me feel good!

  37. Pat C says:

    Card making has provided me with a new ministry in our church. I actually make handmade b-day cards and provide them to our church. Our pastor then personally writes a message to each member of our church for their b-day. He has told me, several times, how touched people are that he not only wrote to them on their b-day but that they received a handmade card, too! It’s what I love best about this hobby–it gives me a creative outlet but also lets me use it within our church…to make people smile. :)

  38. Tammy Valley says:

    I have met some of the most wonderful inspiring people who love to share!

  39. Tina Michael-Dahlmann says:

    I am relatively new to card making (about 1.5 years) but have made many connections and have learned so much from other people’s blogs. I feel like I know them though I have never met them.


  40. Manda says:

    I love making cards and hearing how people have appreciated them, though the act of creating is reward in itself.

  41. Leslie Kiley says:

    I recently moved away from all my friends in California to the middle of nowhere and I have found such joy in getting and sending all the cards I used to hoard that I have made. It truely is a personal way of staying connected!

  42. Laura Jane says:

    SO MANY encouraging, AFFIRMING comments out there!
    Kind of makes you all warm and FUZY:)

  43. yvonne says:

    All lovely cards! Love keeping in touch that way.

  44. Angie Hall says:

    I have been making cards for several years but when I connected with experts on blogs and paper crafting web sites my skill level was “kicked up a notch”. I’m afraid sites I visit every day is very long indeed. I feel like I know some of the artists now because I’ve followed them through parts of their lives.I try to keep up with relatives through my cards. I love the generosity of card makers- sharing their talents with us and giving cards to great causes like OWH and cards for kids.Card making is more than a hobby –it’s a way of life. Thanks for all your contributions, Cath.

  45. Helen LeBrett says:

    since my “Stamping buddies” moved away about 6 years ago I have had a lonely time when I make cards: I have found some very sweet people through the internet: Claire Brennan (of WMS) is sooo sweet, and I love her sense of humor, Lisa Hulburg (who I “met” before she opened TCM Stamps and she is so sweet and kind and helpful,) Clare Buswell is also so sweet, and Meredith MacRitchie is kind and talented in many areas too!! Just wish the world were smaller so I could meet these wonderful women in person!!!

  46. oh Cath, you so deserved every one of those precious cards! :)

    all I know is that there is absolutely no way in this world I would be making it through my cancer journey without the help, support, prayers, and most especially love of all of the friends I have made in the crafting community. I thank God every day for each & every person I have met online and in person. my heart overflows! :)

    p.s. that includes YOU!!!!

  47. heaney says:

    I participated in card making challenges site and found a local participant. After browsing through her blog, saw some crafty items for sale and immediately contacted her to buy them. We exchanged emails and finally met up and become friends. Lots of sharing between us on crafty related topic. Glad to have someone that has the same level of interest on cardmaking to share and talk about.

  48. Dianne says:

    I only started making cards two and a half years ago, sending them to family and close friends. I got to know my best friend’s mother and her grandfather after sending them handmade cards during the holidays. We exchanged leters and emails during good times and bad. I was able to use their interest in postage stamps and trains in cards to them and I learned a lot about stamp collecting and the history of the railroad out west. My friend’s grandfather passed away now, but he left me with a keen interest in stamps and I use that motif with fondness in cards I make these days.

  49. Merilee says:

    After being forced into early “retirement” due to an illness, the creative world of card making has helped me to find a new life. Giving something you’ve made from your heart is a blessing for you, sometimes more than for the recipient. It has allowed me to share my love in ways I never thought possible. It has helped me move forward into a brand new life! :o )

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