Die Cutting for Paper Crafters Week: What an Issue!

Holly blog shot 221x300 Die Cutting for Paper Crafters Week: What an Issue!

Holly Anderson

So you kind of like making cards. But have you thought recently that maybe it’s time to take the next step in your relationship with the hobby? Have you been eying a die cutting machine? Well, you might want to think about getting one now (if you don’t have one already) because we have the perfect complement for such a purchase. Introducing Die Cutting for Paper Crafters!

You’ll find projects by the Go-to Gals, shaped cards, boxes, bags, tags, party ensembles, home decor, and cards. Plus you’ll see lots of projects that use all kinds of die-cutting mediums like cork, bark, felt, and so much more. (We’ll go into this more on Friday!)

And since we wanted to make it a little easier for you to quickly find a project at your skill level, we’ve added a new icon to our issues that tells you for each project whether it is simple, moderate, or ambitious.

Plus, (I know, I’m kind of running out of breath here) you’ll find projects made with the Silhouette CAMEO, Big Shot, Vagabond, Cuttlebug, Cricut Mini, Grand Calibur, and more. AND in the back of the issue you’ll find our machine comparison chart, which lists the details on the most popular die-cutting machines so that you’ll be able to pick out the one that works best for you! (Phew, okay I’m done for now.)

8161660292 7ba4da0e55 Die Cutting for Paper Crafters Week: What an Issue!

PinExt Die Cutting for Paper Crafters Week: What an Issue!So today, I’d like to show you just how versatile die cutting really is!

We have a section in this issue that contains boxes, bags, and tags, like this cute carton by Vanessa Menhorn.

8168045518 1b4b3e7924 Die Cutting for Paper Crafters Week: What an Issue!

Miss You Carton by Vanessa Menhorn on p. 67

PinExt Die Cutting for Paper Crafters Week: What an Issue!How cute is that? It would be perfect to hold some treats to give to a dear friend.

There’s also a section on home decor where you’ll find this Pretty Tea Light Jar by Jamie Greene.

8168045466 867c43c20b Die Cutting for Paper Crafters Week: What an Issue!

Tea Light Jar by Jamie Greene on p. 74

PinExt Die Cutting for Paper Crafters Week: What an Issue!She die-cut the fleur-de-lis from vinyl and affixed it to the jar, painted over the die cut, and removed it! What a fun idea.

And one of the most fun things you can do with your die-cutting machine (in my opinion) is make cute shaped cards like this one by Jaclyn Miller.

8168045570 047f3f19c9 Die Cutting for Paper Crafters Week: What an Issue!

Cocktail Retirement Card by Jaclyn Miller on p. 51

PinExt Die Cutting for Paper Crafters Week: What an Issue!See what I’m talkin’ about?

Beyond these, you’ll find a plethora of cards, all which couldn’t have been created without a die-cutting machine. I mean, check out this elegant card by Angeline Yong Jeet Leen!

8168045598 10a8859b66 Die Cutting for Paper Crafters Week: What an Issue!

Wild Blooms Card by Angeline Yong Jeet Leen on p. 23

PinExt Die Cutting for Paper Crafters Week: What an Issue!And you want to know the best part about this issue? It’s only $5.99! Yep, it’s a steal. You can’t say no now!

From our 2012 Reader Survey, we know that about 4 out of 5 of you own a die-cutting machine, with half of you owning both a manual and electronic die-cutting machine. But the real question is do you have an issue like this to help you maximize your creating power?

So how about a chance at a copy of this issue right here, right now? I’ll give away three copies of this issue, so leave me a comment telling me if you have a die-cutting machine, which one you have, which one you want, or anything else regarding your die-cutting status. I want to know! Make sure you leave your comment by Wednesday, November 14th at 5 pm MST for a chance to win. I’ll randomly pick three winners!

Thanks for checking in, and head on over to the Moxie Fab World blog for more about this issue!

Holly Signature Die Cutting for Paper Crafters Week: What an Issue!

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198 Responses to Die Cutting for Paper Crafters Week: What an Issue!

  1. Nita K. says:

    Oh, boy. Do I ever have die cutters. I have a cuttlebug and Silhouette. Love both of them.

  2. Annalisa says:

    I’ve got a big shot! I love it! I’ve got tons of embossing folders. I’d like to get into die cutting more, I’ve started to collect them. But I use it more for embossing. I think this magazine would spark my imagination a bit more to start using die cuts more.

  3. Helen F. says:

    I have a Cuttlebug and not too many dies~but I would like to correct that “issue” :)
    Would love to add this special issue to my PC Magazine library, thanks for the chance!

  4. Susan Canipe says:

    I currently have an older cuttlebug which has served me very well but I would love to have the big shot. I have used it several times at my local stamp store and it works so smoothly.

  5. Janet Sisk says:

    I am a die-cutting junkie! I started with a red Sizzix, then I got an Ellison Tag-a-long which then led to a Spellbinder Wizard and then a Sizzix Big Shot. Well, I then had to upgrade my Wizard to a Grand Calibur. BUT I really NEEDED to get an electronic cutter, too. Hence, I also have a Cricut Expression. *take a breath* I really NEED this issue now, too, so I can figure out what all I can do with my various machines (except the Wizard which went to a friend). :D Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. PaperCrafts is probably my favorite in card making details and ideas!!! I would love a free issue! I have a Cuttlebug and Grand Excaliber!!! Embossing and Die cuts are what I enjoy puttering with! It is a fantastic hobby and I love it!!!

  7. sharon gullikson says:

    The first one, the milk container, is tooooo cute!!

  8. Leanne S says:

    I don’t own any die cutting machine yet & use surgical scissors for cutting shapes. However, I’m longing to own a spellbinders . Wonder when that will be possible!!

  9. Dana says:

    I got rid of my Cricut but retained my Gypsy since I have access to other Cricuts. ;)

  10. Maureen Chandler says:

    I have a BigKick and use it every day! I would love to get a Silhouette at some point but am managing to make all kinds of cards with my BigKick. I love embossing folders and collect them all in a box and have even made tabs so I don’t have to go through all of them to find one. The new dies are fabulous and help make really special cards. Your magazine and blog are wonderful and thanks for the chance to win the new magazine!!

  11. Brenda Lubrant says:

    I have a big shot machine and love it. I love it because it is strong, and you can use so many dies from different companies.

  12. Caryn S. says:

    I have LOTS of die cutting machines, all hand-me-downs from a very generous relative who upgraded! I have an original Cricut, an Expression, a Cuttlebug and a Silhouette (the original). I like them all for different reasons, but I’d really like to have a Silhouette Cameo for the bigger paper size.

  13. Kim H says:

    I have the original Silhouette and woudl love to upgrade to the Cameo someday, would love the 12×12 capability. thanks!

  14. Susan S. says:

    I have a Big Shot. I have more embossing folders than dies. I’m still not sure how to use dies from other companies, if this issue addresses that, I’ll be in seventh heaven.

  15. f lynn rush says:

    we have a big kick…i just have to remember to use it in my card-making.

  16. I have all the Provo Craft machines that they have made: Cricut E-2, Imagine, and their cuttlebug. They their products!

  17. Barbara R says:

    Would you believe me if I told you I have 4 machines? Two electronic (Cricut Expression and the E2) and two manual (Cuttlebug and Sizzix Bigshot). I’d probably have the Cricut Imagine too but I have simply run out of room for all my play toys. ;)

  18. Kathy Mc says:

    My die-cutting machine is a Big Shot, and I’m content with that until I see all these fabulous things cardmakers do with other machines. Would be thrilled to win a copy so I see all about the comparisons to make an informed decision on my next purchase. Thanks, Holly, for a chance to win Die Cutting for Paper Crafters!

  19. Pazzles says:

    Wow! What a great-looking issue! It will be interesting to see the comparison chart, as some of the charts that include information about our electronic die cutter, the Pazzles Inspiration, have incorrect information. We’re always excited to welcome artists into the world of computerized die cutting. Our founder invented a lot of the technology you see in electronic die cutters today, as as we are such an experienced company, we are able to provide one of the most powerful and comprehensive cutters available. If you don’t hear about it in this issue, be sure to check out http://www.Pazzles.com to learn more about us!

  20. Jessica Canham says:

    I love my Big Shot and am learning to love my Silhouette machine. I can always use inspiration and ideas for using both! thanks for the chance to win.

  21. Ann D. says:

    I have a Big Kick along with dies from many companies and oodles of embossing folders. I love using these tools to add texture to cards and other projects.

  22. Toni Storie says:

    I have a Big Shot and I love my Big Shot. I must admit that I am more than a little curious about electronic die cutting machines, but I just haven’t pulled the trigger yet!

  23. Nina Yang says:

    This issue is to die for! Yay!

  24. Christine W says:

    This looks like a great issue! I started with a cuttlebug that I love, and just last year I bought a Silhouette Cameo and have grown to love it too! I love the cuttlebug for embossing backgrounds on cards. I have not used the Cameo much yet for cards but it is great for making boxes and 3d items.

  25. Cammie Murphree says:

    I love my Cuttlebug and Cameo! If I had the space, I would love to own a Vagabond.

  26. Mary Froehlich says:

    Finally! I can’t wait to see what you guys have done and all of the ideas I’ll get. ;-)

  27. These projects are really adorable, I’m so in love with the first one – what a cute little container! I would love to win this magazine, and I think the price is great!!! I currently own a Big Shot and a Cricut Expression, but would LOVE LOVE LOVE to own the Silhouette Cameo! Thanks for the giveaway

  28. Carol Ann Ater says:

    I have the original Silhouette, a Cuttlebug and my fav, The Big Shot. They are in usse daily (well almost daily – gotta cook and clean some). This issue on die-cutting looks like a Must-Have.

  29. Susan Bailey says:

    I’ve had a Sizzix cutter forever, from the original to the baby one and the big shot. I won a Revolution from my local scrapbooking store a few years ago. I have a small Cricut and recently purchased the Fiscars Fuse that I really love. I have a million dies and enjoy using them on cards and scrapbook pages. I admit that I haven’t yet warmed up to my Cricut, still a technophobe! Looking forward to this release!

  30. Emily H says:

    Oh my! I am in love!

  31. calamityjane says:

    It’s such a tough decision to make as to which machine to buy!! I just couldn’t!!! I ended winning a Grand Calibur and some dies last Christmas and love it! Now to learn how to use it to the best of its ability! This issue would be awesome and very helpful!!

  32. I have a Big Shot which I use on almost every single project I make. I am now wanting the Big Shot Pro, so Santa had best be listening! grins! ;)

  33. Marsha Heath says:

    I am so fortunate in that I have a Cuttleburg, A Sizzix Big Kick & The Cricut Expression.
    I find myself going back to the Cuttlebug very often, because of the ease of transporting.
    Love, Love, dies and am so anxious to see this issue! Thanks!

  34. Jen R says:

    I have a Grand Calibur, but would also love to add a Silhouette Cameo to my craft room!

  35. Corrine Ann says:

    I have a Big Shot and like it. I do use dies but don’t have very many of them and I also use impression plates, not a lot of them either, but do get along with what I have. The new magazine sounds like it would be a big help and I was so happy to see that the price was $5.99! Would like to add a Silhouette at some time.

  36. Mary says:

    Started out with a Cricut; just never ever used it (?) Sold that, got a Silhouette and am using that more and more (tee-hee). Then I saw some amazing embossing done by my card-making buddy and just had to get a Big Shot. Wow–talk about choices! I love what it’s done for my card making abilities but I would love to have some targeted direction to my efforts. This sounds like a winning ticket for just that! Thanks, Paper Crafts–I cherish your publications each and every one!

  37. Katherine S. says:

    I have a Cricut.. I also have a cuttlebug, and an Epic 6… and a silhouette (used it once, but gave up)… and I also have the Quickutz Revolution… I could really use a copy of this magazine! :)

  38. Lee W says:

    Oh my! Started with a baby Cricut years ago, then came my Cuttlebug (which I just LOVE) Sold my baby and got an Expression and it is all I need (I think????). PaperCrafts mag gives me so many great ideas. Card making is my passion!

  39. Kathy M. says:

    I have a Silhouette SD and love it!

  40. Verla says:

    I’ve been wanting a die cutting machine for a few years now, but haven’t been able to justify the purchase at this phase of life…. although I did manage to justify a 4-pack of Spellbinders Nestabilities that I got an amazing deal on several months ago! I’ve had my eye on a Sizzix Big Shot. Hoping that the Black Friday gods will see fit to include it in the bargain madness :)

  41. Mimi says:

    I have a Cuttlebug and I love it. I die cut or emboss on every project! Would love to have a Silhouette Cameo someday….

  42. indy says:

    What another fabulous magazine!

  43. Jennifer Hansen says:

    I got Cricut for xmas last year.

  44. Chris E says:

    Pick me! Choose me! I LOVE my Cuttlebug and my Silhouette but am always looking for more ideas and tips on how to better use them. This issue is exactly perfect :) Have a fabulous day!

  45. What a great issue – thanks for the chance to win a copy! I love my ‘bug!!

  46. Pingback: Winner Wednesday! | Paper Crafts Connection

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