Groovin’ with the Go-to Gals: Saving your Scraps

Julie headshot 187x300 Groovin with the Go to Gals: Saving your Scraps

Julie Campbell

Can anyone else identify with this poor lady below?  I know I sure can! As much as I love the holiday season, the day after Christmas usually involves a strong desire for rest and a lot of cleanup.

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Norman Rockwell's "Christmas Rush" which appeared on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post, December 27, 1947

Just the day before, beautifully wrapped packages filled the room and were a sight to behold! Under the branches of the tree sat brightly colored boxes and shimmery gift bags.  It seems like such a shame to just throw it all away.

So don’t!

Save a few of your favorite scraps of packaging to use for the next holidays on the calendar!

8291671195 a1ed70e1f1 Groovin with the Go to Gals: Saving your Scraps

PinExt Groovin with the Go to Gals: Saving your Scraps(supplies: Stamps – CAS-ual Fridays Stamps and Studio Calico; Silver Glitter Tape: American Crafts; Silhouette Cameo; Divine Twine; vellum)

For this card, I trimmed a section of a beat-up gift bag to use in lieu of patterned paper.  Although I couldn’t use the bag in the traditional sense because of its condition, a small enough section was salvageable and made the perfect backdrop for this New Years Card.

8292724530 8f90b01e2e Groovin with the Go to Gals: Saving your ScrapsPinExt Groovin with the Go to Gals: Saving your Scraps(supplies: Silhouette Cameo, Glitz Design Love Bus Pass print & cut image; Divine Twine)

This awesome red paper is actually tissue paper from one of my packages! I cut a heart from cardstock and backed it with this shimmery tissue to create a Valentine’s Day card with pizazz.

So the next time you’re too nervous to open a package because the paper is so pretty, remember that you can always save a small portion of it for your card making or paper crafting! Do you have any great ideas for recycling gift wrap or packaging supplies?  I’d love to hear about them!  Leave a comment below and I’ll chose someone to win the new Countdown stamp set from CAS-ual Fridays Stamps.

8291671253 5348bba44d Groovin with the Go to Gals: Saving your Scraps

Just leave your comment by Friday, December 28th at 5 pm MST.


Julie Campbell, Paper Crafts Go-to Gal

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143 Responses to Groovin’ with the Go-to Gals: Saving your Scraps

  1. LOVE the FUN article for today!! I also really like the borders on the stamps set!! THANKS for the chance to win!! I like to save the ribbon handles and tissue paper off of gift bags when they are given as gifts and are o longer usable as a gift bag!! I save alot of money by recycling these items!! THANKS again for sharing ad for the chance to win!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  2. Brenda Lubrant says:

    I love to save pieces of my Christmas cards that I receive, and use them for Christmas tags the following year.

  3. Mary Lou H says:

    I didn’t wrap my presents this year. I used plain gift bags and decorated them with paper and other embellishments. I also made gift tags with stamps, etc. This was so much more fun that wrapping presents. I was able to make them more distinctive and appropriate to the person receiving the package.

  4. Kim H says:

    I made tissue paper flowers for my babys scrapbook pages from all the tissue papers stuffed into my baby shower gift bags and boxes. I matched the papers with the pics/gifts LOL thanks for the chance to win.

  5. calamityjane says:

    Taking a lead from one of the recent posts here, I used Kraft paper to wrap my smaller gifts and used homemade tags, twine, and other paper craft items to decorate them. I’d be so happy to be able to use these stamps now too!!

  6. Mary-Anne V. says:

    Great projects…love this border set!

  7. Michele aka Goat Girl says:

    I repurpose Xmas gift wrap by gluing pieces of it onto gift tag bases and then stamping with my “To” “From” stamps!

  8. Barbara Martin says:

    I have used wrapping paper scraps on tags. I cut the scraps into strips, then glue a variety of strips on another piece of paper, then diecut shapes. They turn out really cute!

  9. Renuka says:

    What a fun idea to use the wrapping paper. Love your cards. And the stamps are awesome. Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. Loly Borda says:

    I love recycling as much as I can. This year I used lunch bags decorated with design paper (I made snowmen, Rodolphs and Santas) for all my presents. I like both of your cards, thanks for the chance!

  11. When my kids were younger I felt like that! Now I give them cash to purchase what they really want… and sometimes I wrap it but most of my wrapping paper keeps us warm… we burn it in the woodstove afterwards!

  12. Hanne says:

    I wrap all my presents in plain brown craft paper, but I make something special from it with ribbons, tags and embellishments!
    This year, my 22mo DD had fun with tearing all the wrapping paper in teeny tiny pieces. So much fun!

  13. Maryann says:

    I must admit, I´m a totally paperaddict, so I can´t stand to throw out beautiful paper, but always save it and make all kind of things from it. I too use it for cards and scrapbooks, but the last idea, we startred last year and have been making with my granddaughters all year, We save all kind of wrappingpaper and cut it into long small strips, that we fold into thicker strips and then we merge them into long rows, which we again merge together to make bags, covers for glasses and bracelets and other fun things, we can think of. You can also use old magazinepages and other kind of fancy paper for this, and the kids just absolutely love all we make of it. It´s a little hard to explain, but it´s so easy to do that even smaller kids can make this, and it really looks awesome, and it becomes a total sport to find the most fancy papers for it ha ha ha. And if you then want to decorate the bags or bracelets even more, then we recycle some of the flowers from all the candlewreaths and use some of those to go on the things we make, or we use some old buttons or we use some old clasp buttons to close a bracelet f.ex.
    Hope this can give you some fun ideas for, what you can do with some of your old wrappingpapers and you can actually use a lot this way, so never throw anything out again ha ha ha.

  14. Erin says:

    What a great idea! There are so many beautiful wrapping papers (not to mention little scras left over after wrapping) and this is a great way to use them. Thanks for sharing :)

  15. Debra HH says:

    In addition to using wrapping scraps for cards and tags, I use them for mixed media art projects. Love your gift bag background! Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. Amy R says:

    It makes me feel better to know there is a way to save some of those things. It makes me crazy to throw everything away!

  17. Katherine S. says:

    I like to save my Christmas cards and use a die cutter to cut out ornaments from them to hang on the tree.

  18. Great cards with recycling gift wraps! Go green is always on my mind! Thanks for sharing and the giveaway!

  19. What a great idea….I hate to see all that pretty stuff get thrown away too. Thanks for the chance at a Casual Fridays stamp set. I have been wanting one of those!!

  20. cindy z says:

    I usually save everyone’s ribbon and bows(most can be taken apart for card-making uses). It’s surprising how much I actually do use these:)

  21. Cassie says:

    I love the idea of using wrapping paper. I’ve saved a few special ones for re-use.

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  23. Mai says:

    I re-use tissue paper to make tissue paper flowers for my projects. A lot of Xmas gifts also come with Xmas tags which I use in my layouts. I have saved pretty wrapping paper which I am hopefully planning on using (backed with chipboard or something sturdier) on my layouts or maybe used over a brad perhaps – haven’t tried this out yet!

  24. Natasha Poteraj says:

    I keep all of my little bits in a box so I can use them up. I love to do that.

  25. Brenda says:

    I admit it….I’m a hoarder!! LOL!! I save everything! I will save ribbon, bows, paper, etc to be re-used or I use the material on cards. I will also save Christmas cards and punch out the design on the card to make another card. I just hate to see these pretties end up in the recycle bin when they can be upcycled.

    Happy New Year, everyone!! Thanks for the chance at winning the cute stamp set.

  26. Sharon Gullikson says:

    I sometimes go through my stash of left over pieces of paper and design a card with them in mind.

  27. sandi h says:

    I use wrapping paper and Christmas cards. great for tags and embellishments

  28. Becky Green says:

    You could use wrapping paper just like DESIGNER PAPER on your cards!!!! :) Whether that means a background paper or punch shapes from the paper… making flowers etc.! A PRINT wrapping paper is ALWAYS FUN to use!!!!! just use it as you would any other Designer Paper! :)

  29. Jean Marmo says:

    Great ideas!! I love using old cards for tags!

  30. tape says:

    I often reuse gift bags. I can re-prettify them using my crafting supplies!

  31. Therese says:

    It’s the bling that I grab! You never know when you may just need some!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win, and for yet more wonderful inspiration!

  32. First I told Norman not to take my picture! LOL

    This year I got a few packages that had great / awesome ribbon made into bows. I save that fore sure.

  33. Barbara M says:

    I never saw that picture before LOL, really felt like that…XMas was fun! I found out my son and DIL are having a baby !!! Just now sitting down!

  34. ~Susan~ says:

    Great cards.

  35. Amy M says:

    I’m a total paper nut. My family makes fun of me whenever i have a present to see How i am opening it. I hate to tear that pretty stuff. That’s probably how I started with card making and scrapbooking. It gives me an outlet for my “addiction”. :)

  36. Terri E. says:

    How fun, I am loving the new casual Friday stamps.

    Terri E.

  37. Jenn says:

    I love using wrapping paper in my crafts. This year I punched out ornament shapes and added those to my tags. Love the stamp set!

  38. Julie A. Shearer says:

    How fun ! Thanks for the great ideas !

  39. Susan H says:

    I love using “found” paper like this. Thanks for sharing these beautiful cards and Happy New Year!

  40. Julie, these are so neat! Love the inspirations.

  41. Agata says:

    I’ve already used some packaging paper on a layout or two. These can also go into a mini album. Love your ideas!

  42. nikki says:

    Omg that is such a great idea!!! Im going to have to try that out next year lol or maybe for my birthday :)

  43. Jan Jacquot says:

    Just don’t tell my son that I save all the beautiful paper from the gifts he gave me. I just couldn’t throw them away. I could see card ideas!

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