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Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted a pen pal. They didn’t need to live far away, I just love receiving mail!

Fast forward a few years, and now my husband laughs at me because I check the mailbox religiously. It’s usually junk, but you never know.

Recently, that has all changed! A friend of mine, who works as a flight attendant and is gone all the time, suggested that we start sending each other letters/cards since we can’t always get together when she is in town. *happy dance*

So, I made a card!

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pin it button Pen PalsI’m excited to send it to her.

Do you have a pen pal, or anyone that you write traditional letters to?

Have a wonderful day!

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23 Responses to Pen Pals

  1. Michelle W says:

    I used to love my pen pals. I, too, always check my mailbox with happy anticipation (to usually find bills). I just started sending some cards to some of the friends I’ve made in blogland. I’ve received a couple too! I don’t write many letters anymore, but I still do write to my aunt. She doesn’t live a long way away, but she really loves receiving letters. :-)

  2. Sue says:

    I had several penpals when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I lost contact with them many years ago but I did love getting a letter in the mail at the time. Up until a couple of years ago, I used to send cards and letters to a friend that I worked with. She passed away 2 years ago and now I rarely write a letter or send a card to anyone outside our family. : (

  3. Flo says:

    My grandmother was hard of hearing, so talking to her on the phone was difficult. We sent letters to each other for over 30 years. If she was sewing a dress, she’d send me a snippet of the fabric. I have many pictures of what was blooming in her garden or a craft project she finished. I lost my pen pal over e years ago and am still feeling the loss of my pen pal.

  4. laura m. says:

    My lovely cousin is really sweet and sends beautiful cards to family members regularly. Love getting them & try to return the favor ;D

  5. Colleen says:

    I just love this idea, I just love getting mail too! I’m going to talk to some of my friends that live to far away to see a lot of and see if they would like to do this too.

  6. {vicki} says:

    Yes, My friend that I used to work with keeps in touch through letters.
    and when I was younger one of my cousins was my pen pal

  7. dawn says:

    I had lots when I was little. I even wrote to one of my campers for years… but sadly none now.

  8. Ruth Kroneman says:

    I have grandchildren who love to receive mail. When they get a card from me, they have to send a homemade one back to me.

  9. Karin Åkesdotter says:

    I actually do – my pen-pal is Sarah in New Zealand – we’ve been writing eachother since third grade – we are now both 42! We met through a pen-pal organization – you payed 1 usd and got an address sent to you – we Always joke about this because I was an extra address she got for free. We write eachother at least once a month and have decided not to write anything to eachother through facebook or e-mail because we think that would destory the joy of actually recieving the long wonderful letters we now get from eachother. I am so grateful for what we have, both because I get to follow her Life but also because I can tell her EVERYTHING – almost like a diary but with the best support ever.
    We’ve met twice – once here in Sweden and once in NZ and it was fantastic – because we know so much more about eachother than regular friends often do!

  10. Becky Cowley says:

    Super cute card! No, I don’t have a pen pal, but now I am thinking I need one too!

  11. karenladd says:

    No pen pals here but when I was a kid I had a ton of them from all over the world! I do have a couple of elderly relatives who don’t use a computer…so I send cards and notes every so often and on every holiday. As for me, I also check the mail every single day and always hope to find something fun! I miss snail mail!

  12. Troy Louise says:

    I had a penpal from about 6th grade through high school & then I lost touch with her. I often think of her & should try to find her again. We lived on opposites sides of the country so we never met in person, but it was so fun getting those letters. Have fun with your letter writing.

  13. Bernadette says:

    I had a few pen pals when I was small but now, with technology, I don’t do it anymore. I tend to do everything thru social media which is much faster but the Joy in getting a real, physical letter is surreal:-). Enjoy your pen pal ship Melinda!

  14. Dee Velasco says:

    Yes, I love pen pals and I still have friends from Spain and Guernsey, Channel Islands with whom I have been corresponding even before my son was born. My son is now 35 years old! There is nothing like receiving a snail mail. Although I found some pen pals from France and Australia via Facebook, we still opted to continue writing “real” letters to one another.

  15. Cute card Melinda!!! I am horrible at writing letters.. especially now that typing and texting is the norm.. When I try to write a letter my hand gets so sore, so quickly!!

  16. DebbieC says:

    Great card for your friend. No pen pals here.

  17. Jacqueline says:

    Thank for reminding me of the joy of receiving mail — especially the handwritten ones from friends and family. I should make an effort to send out more cards (not just on birthdays and Christmas), simply to say “hello” and brighten someone’s day. And who knows, I might get one in my mailbox in return :-)

  18. Melinda, I have 4 pen pals (Australia, England, New Jersey and Oregon. If you would like another pen pal, email me your address and I’ll correspond with you. I love snail mail.

  19. Lisa Bergen Wilson says:

    I’ve always lived writing and receiving letters…mostly from my grandmothers more than 15 years ago. I miss them both now!

    I send handmade cards to people who I am praying for. One particular friend lost her husband nov 30. After serving 3 tours of duty in Afghanistan, they moved so he could teach and be home for their new son. He just dropped dead after a class, with still no explanation if what happened to his heart. 32 years old. So my friend is a single mom in a town far from friends or family. I send her a card every week to let her know I’m praying and I care.
    Other cards are for encouragement during illness or just to express love. It blesses me to have this opportunity to share the live of Jesus.

  20. Lisa Bergen Wilson says:

    Make that “love” in the above post! :)

  21. Melody B. says:

    When I was a kid I had pen pals in France and Puerto Rico. I send a lot of cards to my uncle in Wyoming and my aunt in Florida. I used to never care that much for butterflies but then my aunt liked them so… I have stamps and diecuts and papers of butterflies. They love getting them and save them all.

  22. Jessica Nelson says:

    So you should get penpals because they are so much fun! I still write! Check out League of Extraordinary Penpals. It’s a penpal group and it’s a LOT of fun! You could send me your address and I would love to be penpals with you! :D

  23. Andy Feldmann says:

    Hello everybody,
    I Born in Switzerland and Living 17 years in South Africa and had many pen pals in The World…now i am two years back home and miss my letzteres and cards… I like to Start again Bud find only Folks The are interested to Write over The net,Bud i am searching The Old Way on handmade letters and cards! Can somebody help me with a Adresse ore pen pel Club??preferable in German ore Bad englisch smile..
    Greatings from Switzerland

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