Stamping Royalty Honorable Mentions Winner!

8671475819 ae3f54315f Stamping Royalty Honorable Mentions Winner!Well, the votes are in, and our winner of the Stamping Royalty Honorable Mention contest has been determined!

Here is the winning card! Congratulations to Chari Moss!

8681933376 ea9e54765e Stamping Royalty Honorable Mentions Winner!She received the most votes for her honorable mention card, so she will receive the prize package pictured below!

8474377292 2287e6d986 Stamping Royalty Honorable Mentions Winner!Congrats to our other honorable mentions, Alice Wertz, Sue McRae, Mandy LaCroix, and Katie Brooks, who will receive a copy of Card Sketches for Paper Crafters. Ladies, email your shipping address to, and I will get your prizes sent out!

Thank you to all who submitted to our Stamping Royalty Card Contest this year! Until next time!

~The Paper Crafts team

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16 Responses to Stamping Royalty Honorable Mentions Winner!

  1. Ruth G says:

    Congrats, Cheri! I’m from Chicago so I voted early and often;-) You really created an amazing card!!!

  2. Lucy says:

    I thought all the card were worthy of a win. There was lots of talent in the competition. Congrats, Cheri, and thanks for the inspiration from all of you.

  3. katie brooks says:

    CONGRATS CHARI! Love your card! :)

  4. Linda Baker says:

    Congrats Chari!

  5. Shereen says:

    YAY Chari!

  6. Teri says:

    Oh my gosh!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!

    And congrats to Alice, Sue, Mandy and Katie for their awesome cards, too!
    You guys = super duper awesome!

  7. Congratulations, Chari!!! Way to go, girl!!!

  8. Yay, Chari! What a haul!!!

  9. Alice Wertz says:

    Congratulations, Chari!! Thank so so much to PC for picking me a sone of the Honorable Mentions. I am so honored! =)

  10. Congratulations Chari!

  11. Chris E says:

    Chari – Congratulations!! All these cards are winners in my book, you are in fine company! :) – Chris

  12. Carol Mc says:

    Congratulations Chari.

  13. Stephanie says:

    Congratulations! How wonderful!

  14. Kari Webster says:

    Big Congrats, Chari!!!!! I am tickled pink for you!

  15. Laurie F. says:

    Congrats Chari. I love your card.

  16. Atticelf says:

    Congrats! Lucky girl…now that is some seriously happy mail. :)

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