Handmade Cards – Around the House, Wood, Cork, and Metal

Jennifer1 Handmade Cards   Around the House, Wood, Cork, and Metal

Jennifer Schaerer

The title says it all – Handmade Cards. It’s why we love this hobby, right? And as editors, creating an entire special issue loaded with inspiration to make handmade cards has us absolutely giddy, from using the basics (like cardstock, patterned paper, and buttons) to all those must-have tapes, stickers, fabrics, fibers, and color mediums.

So, as we often do when we’re planning these fun weeks to talk about the special issues we publish, we sat around our meeting table and called dibs on the chapters of this issue that we each wanted to highlight.

9735868197 66288eb66a Handmade Cards   Around the House, Wood, Cork, and Metal

Handmade Cards is overflowing with inspiration!

Let’s just say my luck of the draw this time was far more comforting than the last time I pulled one out of a hat, because I get to talk golf along with a little bit of cork, metal, and wood – emphasis on the cork.

What, exactly, does golf have to do with handmade cards?

9804455884 21e3d2098e Handmade Cards   Around the House, Wood, Cork, and Metal

Do you see it? The creative use of a golf ball?

pin it button Handmade Cards   Around the House, Wood, Cork, and MetalGrab a few ink pads, some white cardstock, and a golf ball. By rolling the golf ball across an ink pad and then over the cardstock, you can make a custom background that’s perfect for a stars-and-swirls encouragement card for anyone in your life. Is that bubble-ish background not the coolest thing you’ve seen in awhile?

Now on to the cork, because the possibilities are endless.

9804455704 9dff706bbf Handmade Cards   Around the House, Wood, Cork, and Metal

Die-cutting cork makes such a statement!

pin it button Handmade Cards   Around the House, Wood, Cork, and MetalDid you know you could die-cut cork in such fine detail? I didn’t either, but now it’s the next thing I’m going to try (I like cork – a lot – and it finds its way into my card designs more often than not).

I have no shame, and readily admit that I’m a collector of supplies and tools that far exceeds my actual creative card-making output. I could probably make several dozen (okay, several hundred…shhhh!) cards with just what I have on hand, which is why this issue is a perfect parallel to my hoard stash supplies on hand.

And I’m happy to enable you with a free copy of this *very helpful* issue, too. Just let me know about the most unexpected thing you could possibly use from around the house to make a card. Go on – leave a comment no later than Monday, September 23rd at 5 pm MDT  and you could have a copy of this issue on the way to you in no time at all!

Looking at my stash in a whole new light,

Jennifer thumbnail Handmade Cards   Around the House, Wood, Cork, and Metal



P. S. Don’t forget about the fun handmade card design challenges over on the Moxie Fab World blog this week, either!


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89 Responses to Handmade Cards – Around the House, Wood, Cork, and Metal

  1. Lori B says:

    I’ve saved tea bags & coffee grounds to use as dies to color card backgrounds. I love using the different colored duct tapes too!

  2. Pai says:

    that golf ball background is fab!

  3. Brenda Lubrant says:

    I have used the bottom of a rubber thong. You just put some paint or etc. on the bottom and stamp your surface. The rubber markings on the bottom of the thong makes great designs.

  4. Carol M. says:

    I have a lot of golf balls around here and now I know what to do with them!! Love your technique! I also LOVE this issue & want to win it!

  5. Josiane says:

    Not very exotic, but I have used metallic twine from wrapping Xmas gifts on a card. I would love to win this issue.

    Thanks for the giveaway and have a great weekend!

  6. Maureen Chandler says:

    Boy, I sure could use help with my stash and not buy another things for ages (years) and still have products to use. I bought metal mending tape (?) at Home Depot and stick it on card stock and emboss it with various folders and have a whole new metallic look to some of my cards. Fun!!! I have also used coffee to color card stock and really like that look!

  7. justasiam says:

    I have used the regular silver duct tape that I purchase in home improvement stores to put on my cards.

  8. Abbie Bryant says:

    I think the most unusual thing I’ve used making cards is empty food cans to make circles with paint, but I also used the side of the can for to make a pattern with the grooves. Not very exciting I admit, which is another reason I want this issue so much! Thank you for the chance to win it!!

  9. Kris Van Allen says:

    Die cutting used dryer sheets (with or without color added) for airy flowers.

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  11. Amanda Christensen says:

    I could use the end of an empty paper towel roll to stamp some nice big circles!

  12. Frann says:

    Reusing many things equals unique cards. I cut open and wash out used up toothpaste tubes. The inside is a nice silvery color that embosses beautifully. It can also be punched or die cut and makes nice flowers. When pills come sealed individually in little clear bubbles, the packaging can make tiny shaker windows. Junk mail changes colors according to the seasons. All kinds of things can be punched out of it- think fall leaves, icy snowflakes, spring flowers, etc.

  13. The color catcher sheets that you use for laundry can be die cut and used on cards, I have used them to make flowers!

  14. Leanne S says:

    I love chocolates & use chocolate packaging for my cards.

  15. Raquel Mason says:

    You can cut plastic straws smaller & add twine to the top to make candles on a birthday card.

  16. Peggy B says:

    My husband’s golf balls are just waiting to help me stamp. Thanks for the idea!

  17. NinaT. says:

    Sweet! I love the “around the house” supplies… creativity in full gear! : )

  18. sandi h says:

    I wish I were creative enough to think to use things around the house. That’s why I need this magazine!

  19. Mary Mac says:

    I used a piece of “road kill” metal that I found in my driveway . It had some time of writing on it but I couldn’t make it out, I used the piece on a photojournal

  20. Julie S says:

    I’ve been known to save the tags off of new clothes…just in case! ;)

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  22. Agata says:

    A nail? Or a nail polish, ha! :)

  23. Diane W. says:

    I never used anything from around the house before, but if I was I would have to used dental floss. It reminds my on bakers twine. Thin and comes in colors. Great cards, love the golf ball one and thanks for the chance to win.

  24. Beautiful cards! I once used a muffin cup liner, toothpicks, a doily, and napkins to make a card – published in PC magazine!

  25. Kym says:

    Wow, I love the golf ball idea! It would make me feel so much better about hoarding if I used some of my extra stuff once in a while! The most unexpected thing I recently used was Aleene’s 3D Accents Design Paste. I found it with stencils and all the tools in my craft stash. I say “unexpected” and “found” because I didn’t even remember that I had it! It must be 15 years old but it was sealed and worked great on a card! Now I don’t have to go buy the modeling paste that is all the rage, guess I was ahead of my time and I wasn’t even a card maker back then! Thanks for the chance to win the new magazine!

  26. Tamera Blake says:

    I like to use the paper cup holders they put around hot coffee. Tear them open and they make a cool background to use right on the card or ink them up and use them as a stamp for a great background design!

  27. Isha says:

    I would use some of the plastic we throw everyday. Be it bread wrapper or a fruit/vegetable cover. I would love to get the magazine. TFS

  28. Katie B. says:

    How about bobby pins! I could totally see them working on a card. Love that tag. Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B.

  29. eSeN says:

    I’ve always liked the pattern on my fly swatter and thought it could make a great stencil, especially with modeling or embossing paste. Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. Rita Wallinga says:

    I have used green baler twine on a masculine card. Also made a card with an outhouse and the inside said, sometimes life is the *()&^, you just have to wipe it up and move on. Put a piece of toilet paper inside. Would love a copy of the magazine! thanks for the chance to win.

  31. I saved the protective covering from the keypad of my new laptop. It makes a great stencil.

  32. Emily D says:

    I found some pretty shoelaces with an argyle pattern on them that I’ve been saving for that perfect card.

  33. Carmen says:

    We painted our daughter’s room a couple weeks ago. I keep thinking the painters cloth would make great craft material!

  34. Susan S. says:

    I needed a beat-up guardian angel so I distressed a felt angel by rubbing it in the mud.

  35. Renee V. says:

    Toilet paper and coffee filters to make flowers :)

  36. Naomi Hanson says:

    Bubble wrap for stamping a background.

  37. KnitterPam says:

    love that golf ball background! who’da thunk it? :)

  38. Tracy says:

    Cupcake liners and doilies.

  39. Laraine R says:

    Used fabric softner sheets, material/old shirts-pants, rubber bands & bubble wrap! I need to use alot more things from around the house! The sky is the limit! Thanks for the chance to win!

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