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Stacy Croninger, Digital Managing Editor

Hi friends!

My craft room typically looks like a tornado hit it. Over the past few weeks I’ve been cleaning, purging (not much but some), and organizing my supplies. Some things just needed to be put in their designated homes. Others needed new homes. And some of my organization needed to be adjusted. It isn’t perfect, but at least now I can see and find things.

But one area of my supplies that still has me wanting something different is my stamp storage. I have my stamps in either bins (wood mount and cling), drawers (small stamps), or buckets (for foam stamps) by category such as occasions/other holidays or animals.

stamp storage bins Stamp Storage

Bins for wood mounted and cling stamps

stamp storage drawers Stamp Storage

Drawers with smaller stamps

Basically this system works, but I still have some stamps that don’t fit – large sets that are mostly cling. So I started looking at stamp organization ideas on the internet. Here’s what I found.


I found this lovely idea on Created By Jess. She bought Stackable Desktop Drawers from The Container Store. She said they are the perfect height for wood mounted rubber stamps. And look how pretty they look in the drawers! Might need to look into this option.

 Stamp Storage

Stackable Desktop Drawers from The Container Store as seen on Created by Jess


This idea speaks to my DIY heart! Place your wood mounted stamps in a wall louver (air vent). They are relatively inexpensive, can be painted any color, and make it easy to see your stamps. Love when you can use an item for something other than its intended purpose! I found the idea on Decorating Files.

LouverStampTray Stamp Storage

Wall louvers (air vents) painted to match your room as seen on Decorating Files


Next up is an idea from a guest post Jennifer McGuire did on Ali Edwards blog. She uses pockets you can purchase from Avery Elle and then includes her cling sets in individual pockets. Each pocket is labeled with the stamp sets name and info. This idea creates a clean look, which really, I should be trying to achieve more often.

061113 Storage JenMcGuire1 500x383 Stamp Storage

Stamp Pockets from Avery Elle used by Jennifer McGuire and shared on Ali Edwards’ blog.


My final idea to share is one from the Paper Crafts July/August 2013 issue. Betsy Veldman created a Rolodex that contains a stamped version of each of her stamps. They are then organized by category. The great thing about this idea is you could number each stamp or stamp set and store them however you want as long as the bin or storage showed what numbers were included (for example, bin 1 contains stamps 1-10, bin 2 contains stamps 11-25, etc.). Also, remember to note the storage bin where the stamp is located on the Rolodex card. Regardless of how the stamps are stored, its much easier to flip through the Rolodex to decide on a stamp than pull out bins to search through.

Stamp Sentiment Rolodex 500 Stamp Storage

Sentiment Stamp Rolodex by Betsy Veldman from Paper Crafts July/August 2013 issue

Now to find the time, energy, and money to get my stamps organized. Actually, the hardest part is deciding which option to use. How do you store your stamps? Do you like it or are you looking for new ideas? I’d love to hear and see your method for storing and organizing.

Have a great day and have fun creating!

stacysigthumb Stamp Storage

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27 Responses to Stamp Storage

  1. Sue says:

    My small acrylic stamp sets are in binders with divided pages. The larger sets are in bins I bought at Lowe’s. The wooden mounted stamps are displayed in old printers boxes or in drawers. It’s not a perfect system and I’m always looking for ways to improve. You’ve given me several options to look at. Thanks.

  2. Marianne says:

    I have just started organising my clear stamps using Jennifer’s storage method and I love it. It’s so wonderful to have all clear stamps in identical sized storage pockets and they are much easier to browse this way (even if I have not categorised them yet, but then, I don’t have as big a collection as Jennifer LOL). Instead of the fridge bins that Jennifer uses (too expensive to have them shipped overseas from either the US or the UK), I use the small Kassett boxes from IKEA. I am now using the box lid to organise my small ink cubes (e.g. Hero Arts and Memento). I have yet to find a solution for my wood-mounted rubber stamps and cling stamps, but both the drawers and air vent solutions are looking very interesting. TFS and good luck on organising your stamps!

  3. I storage in a album, this is fine for mi because I don’t have many stamps :P

  4. Judy says:

    I really enjoy organizing and find that the better organized I am, it helps me be creative. I store my stamps in three different ways: wood stamps are stored in drawers (5 drawer storage carts and desk top storage drawers). my older clear stamps are stored in binders, and cling stamps and newer clear stamps are stored with Avery Elle pockets in baskets. I am pretty happy with my system.

  5. I use over the door shoe holders to store stamps and other crafty supplies. I also like to display some on spice racks. I did blog about that idea here:
    Love your ideas!

  6. You’ve shared some wonderful stamp storage ideas here, Stacy. Thank you so much for including one from my blog. :)

  7. I use Itso bins for my clear and cling storage, and I’m in the process of putting all of the stamps into pockets. For my wood mounted stamps (and a few tools), I use a tool chest.

  8. Becky Green says:

    My wood mount stamps purchased here & there, are in clear boxes–small enough I can move around easily, large enough to hold a good amount of stamps. I have them layered in there between sheets of cardboard. I can get about 3 layers of stamps in them & they are organized by theme & labeled on the outside of the container. My clear stamps (TRUELY CLEAR stamps) are in Ziploc bags, in another clear box. (I need to organize those better!) AND those that come in DVD cases or wood mounted stamps from SU, are on a book shelf. Trying to keep them organized there also–Sentiments, Elements, etc., SOME are in a large tub, I have to rummage through each time. (ANOTHER thing I need to organize better! SPACE is an ISSUE which hinders me in doing this better!!!) Then, I also have a few companies in an organizational container. Just got that one filled the other day with an order. So, I’ll be having to work on filling another container if I make another order soon! OR maybe, make one container to hold just one companies stamps! I ALSO have a SENTIMENTS FILE BOX that I created on my own that holds all of my sentiments (writing them out as close as possible to the stamp & having to write them out SEVERAL TIMES –because some stamps fit in several categories)—I have it organized according to theme & flip through it whenever I am looking for THE PERFECT sentiment! I add sentiments whenever I get a new order of stamps! It IS EASIER to look through this for the perfect sentiment rather than going through all the containers…! (You COULD stamp each sentiment on the index cards, but it would PROBABLY take up more space! My goal was to MAXIMIZE the space of my little box!) :) I did do a blog post on this awhile back—If you come to my blog, look for ORGANIZATIONAL RECIPE FOR STAMPERS! :)

  9. Carol Mc says:

    Great stamp storage ideas. I can use all the help I can get.

  10. Kathy Jo says:

    Each of those are great ideas! My husband made a wall stamp storage for my larger stamps. He took 1×1″ pieces of wood and screwed them into the wall. My stamps fit on easily and 1″ was the perfect depth. It is on my blogsite if you want to peek. Not the best photo but you will see the beauty of the system. :)

  11. Diana Newman says:

    I store my acrylic and cling stamps in their original packaging in plastic storage boxes (like shoe boxes) and my wood mounted stamps on shallow shelves, mounted on the wall. I had the shelves made to my specifications with only a couple of inches between the top shelves and more space between shelves as you go down to accomodate a variety of sizes of stamps. Each shelf has a clear acrylic piece going across the front to keep the stamps from falling out. I store holiday stamps in boxes and trade out holiday stamps for general stamps in the fall when I make most of my Christmas cards.

  12. Pat says:

    I’m needing a new method for storing my stamps, too! The wood and cling stamps are in drawers and the clear are all in a plastic container for 12×12 paper. It’s just about to burst, though! Looking at doing the envelope idea…like the look of it…

  13. Renae Rhodes says:

    I actually bought 10 and 12 inch pizza boxes at a restaurant supply store. They stack nicely, and I think I got 50 for less than $25.00!

  14. Angel says:

    I have a LOT of stamps! Really… LOTS!

    I store some stamps by company, if I order from that company often. They have their own storage. Plastic baskets that hold CTMH in their nice snap close envelopes. Book shelves for SU plastic cases.

    If a buy a single wood mount stamp it’s with the others on metal shelves that I bought from some tool place. They are about 2′ wide and 6′ tall, with shelves every 3″ or so. Perfect! I don’t have a blog otherwise I’d show you :)

    I have several other ways to store stamps. There is not just one way that will work for them all!!! What with sets and different sizes. What’s important is to store them the way that works best for you! I have tried several systems. It’s always evolving. But I LOVE to organize, as well as STAMP!

  15. Marissa M. says:

    At one point I got all my cling, rubber and clear stamps into binders in divided pages and organized by category. (never thought it was possible) It’s nice that they are all in one place and if I need one in a pinch, they are pretty easy to find. However, I do a lot of card making etc. NOT in my craft room so the binders are proving to be a harder to transport option than i had hoped. So a lot of my new stamps are just staying in their packaging and going into baskets near my workdesk. That way I can easily thumb through them, but am also able to just grab out the ones I want to take with me to crops. I’m not sure if they will all eventually make it into binders or not :(

  16. Jean A Marmo says:

    I have several storage places for stamps and need to work on having them in one place.

  17. Bobbie Brock says:

    Great ideas! I found that multi-drawer tool chests work great for wood mount stamps! The shallow drawers are the perfect depth, and the deeper drawers can have stacked layers! The wheels make it easy to move the unit around depending on your set-up!

  18. Charlene M. says:

    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful ideas. I’m storing some of my lose wood mounted stamps in those clear acrylic picture frames on a cart in my room (similar to the drawers you show in your post). I’m in process of trying to get all my clear/cling sets into those clear folders to have in bins to flip through. I really like seeing my stuff and this is an easy way to view them, but keep them tamed at the same time.

  19. JanLM says:

    I love talking about storage options. Unlike most who post about it, I do not have a designated room for stamping and live in an apartment. I would love to see more on stamping in apartments. Therefore, I have my stamps stored in all of the folllowing places: wooden standing up in my wall unit with glass doors (previously for livingroom pretties lol), large wood background and SU sets are on a 3 shelf unit in the spare room, (they barely see any ink this way), some wooden sentiments in an iris cart pull out drawer, one iris drawer of clear sets, and another for cling sets. Some I keep on the little blocks all the time too. My real love/passion/obsession is for paper. You don’t want to know I’m sure lol. Great topic, thanks.

  20. My cling mounted stamps on in Crafters Companion binders. I really like this solution. My clear stamps are in their original packaging, and in bins by manufacturer. I don’t like this at all. I’m having a difficult time finding a better storage solution.

  21. Ms . Ivy says:

    I found a large, abandoned supply of empty CD cases left behind when the kids moved away. After discarding the printed inserts, the clear cases make excellent, uniform storage for the cling mount stamps that fit. Still in the process of cataloging them so the rolodex idea is perfect, and timely!!

  22. I have a binder with stamped images of all of my stamps sorted by container a ne the company. I’ve unmounted all of my stamps and have them either in cd cases or the Stampin’ Up DVD size cases. Anything that doesn’t fit in those I have in slim containers that I think are from Stampendeous.

  23. I store mine in CD cases in Kasset boxes from IKEA but I like Jennifer McGuire’s way better.

  24. Marilyn Hess says:

    Please submit pictures of storage ideas. I would like to see lots and lots of pictures.

  25. Dawn Walton says:

    I use thintainers for my cling stamps and thickertainers for my wood-mounted stamps. All are organized by theme, using Postit label tabs for the top and then they’re all put into baskets on end, so I can flip thru them quickly. I have stamped them all into a composition notebook, no order, so I can peruse the images if I want to go that route.

  26. paper crafts online says:

    Wow, you ladies have wonderful ideas! Thanks for those that shared links to photos – I personally like seeing things as it helps solidify the ideas. And thanks for taking the time to share.

    Digital Managing Editor

  27. Nicole says:

    Using a wall lover to organize stamps was fantastic! Thanks for sharing all of theses amazing stamp storage ideas.

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