Black Friday: Freebie Friday

Holly Black Friday: Freebie Friday

Holly Anderson

We hope you had a fun and festive Thanksgiving! And with Thanksgiving behind us, Christmas time has officially begun! So today, I’d love to give away a cute Christmas collection to one lucky commenter!

Tell me what you are doing on Black Friday this year for a chance to win this December Documented collection from Simple Stories! Just make sure to leave your comment by Tuesday, December 3rd at 5 pm MT.

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1,073 Responses to Black Friday: Freebie Friday

  1. Kristeen Mendoza says:

    I went for a long hike. Avoided all of the shopping and craziness and spent the day with my hubs and our dogs.

  2. katie brooks says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! I spent black Friday hanging with my fam with one stop of shopping at a small business (shoulda done on sat!).

  3. Kim M says:

    I actually stayed in and let my kids go out into the madness, then we had a nice late Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s house.

  4. Liz Fredrickson says:

    I went shopping in a very small town, while most of the locals went to the city to shop! My shopping was much more easy-going!

  5. E.C says:

    I was so ready for this day Cyber Monday, so I thought.I wrote a list of the things I was wanting to get. Had my computer on and my wallet right next to my computer so it would be in reach for me if and when I found what I wanted.I set my alarm for midnight. But I forgot one thing,TO STAY AWAKE!!Yea I fall asleep.. and when I woke up it was 9:00 in the morning.. hahaa :)

  6. jengd says:

    We did a bit of early shopping, caught up with a high school friend for lunch, dropped Boy off with my MIL and saw Thor.

  7. Jessica K says:

    Luckily or unluckily (depending on your POV), most of the stuff I was looking for wasn’t part of the Black Friday stuff, so I had a chill & relax day while researching Christmas gifts online.

  8. Alla S says:

    I hit the craft stores for some goodies. I was able to score some wonderful deals so I was happy, happy!!!

  9. Doris Lalande says:

    You know wining something would be a great gift for Christmas but that doesn’t happen to some like me. My worsted memory is of my( 3) son and there other half taken me to court to throw me and my daughter’s out of the house there father bought us. Where lived for 26 year. And wreck our truck to.and more its a long story tho

  10. Grace says:

    Spent too much shopping from the comfort of my brother’s couch. Now I’m ready for some serious paper crafting. Happy holidays!

  11. Cindy Converse says:

    On Black Friday I stayed home and online shopped and prepared my house for Christmas decorating!

  12. Hollyk1226 says:

    On Black Friday, I stayed home, slept in then cleaned my house, then did a little crafting. It was a very nice day.

  13. Penny says:

    Sad face. I went to Urgent Care for an X-ray of my foot, which I injured on Thanksgiving. After finding out it was broken, I spent the rest of the day in a recliner!

  14. Julie A. Shearer says:

    Shopping , shopping , and more shopping ! Thanks for a chance to win .

  15. Katie says:

    I went shopping for the first time ever on Black Friday. Not the crazy 4am shopping, but a reasonable 11am shopping for Christmas ornaments. I got everything I was looking for while avoiding the legendary Black Friday frenzy!

  16. LayHah Teh says:

    Looks great..

  17. Linda Riley says:

    I spent a very happy, quiet, peaceful day with my husband. Went through some craft magazines and decided to surf the web. Visited a few site with some new techniques and projects and decided to try. Crafting is therapeutic, six years ago because of failed back surgery which led to three more that year ended up leaving me in a wheelchair with more pain than what I started with. When I craft I forget about my pain for awhile, my happy place My poor husband says I eat, drink and sleep crafting. My wish list just keeps on growing because I would like to have some of the new tools out there and of course the new kits and papers. But I still feel very fortunate for I have my wonderful husband. Thanks for the chance to win some new items. Linda

  18. Kathy Mc says:

    We went shopping early for the new iPad Air and succeeded, and then visited with a friend. Put my Fall decorations away and pulled out the Christmas ones to transform our house into a winter wonderland. So, I’m waiting to win Simple Stories December Documented prize package to start my Christmas cards. Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. {vicki} says:

    I went shopping!

  20. Wendy D F says:

    I went shopping with my preteen who wanted the experience of black Friday. We had fun. I also started decorating for Christmas.

  21. tricia dee says:

    I had a nice peaceful day at home!

  22. Sonja1020 says:

    I spent the day at home organizing and arranging. It doesn’t sound like much, but I really enjoyed the time.

  23. Thanks for the chance to win! I spent black Friday hanging with my fam with one stop of shopping.

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