First Look: January 2014 Issue

Stacy First Look: January 2014 Issue

Stacy Croninger, Digital Managing Editor

Hi everyone,

The Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking January 2014 issue is officially available and we’re very excited about what you’ll find in this new, all digital publication. So let’s take a quick look.

JAN 2014 Cover 350px First Look: January 2014 Issue

The January 2014 issue was designed specifically for the digital platform, which means the text and images are larger, live links to more detailed information such as videos and web sites, plus the same features found in every digital issue – you can download issues to your desktop, print the pages you want, share pages or the entire issue via Facebook, Twitter, email, and Pinterest, and add electronic notes on the pages and projects that inspire you.

Inside this amazing publication you’ll find the following features:

  • Banners create an instant celebration, so take a look at the clever ideas for adding a mini banner or pennant to your next project.
  • Vellum is here to stay – from die-cutting and dry embossing to stamping and heat embossing it, this old stand-by is back with a fresh and creative second wind.
  • Star chart and constellation motifs are the hottest new trend, and this feature brings you inspiration that’s written in the stars.
  • Die-cutting isn’t just for shapes and titles anymore – use it for masking, negative space, and backgrounds, too. You’ll find dozens of clever treatments that can be used on scrapbook layouts, cards and more.
  • We’re wild about washi, and the Tips, Tools & Techniques column shows off ideas for storage, die-cutting, and stamping washi patterns, plus washi sheets that can be used in endless ways.
  • Simple Solutions for Fast Design – Need quick ideas to break through a creative road block? Wondering how to take your design to a new level? This column is just for you!
  • Stamp It! Techniques – focus your attention on spotlight stamping and add this new skill to your stamptastic tool kit.

Here are a few projects found in the Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking January 2014 issue.

Many Birthday Banners 500px First Look: January 2014 Issue

Many Birthday Banners card by Kimberly Crawford from Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking January 2014

pinit fg en rect gray 20 First Look: January 2014 Issue

Beautiful Butterfly Birthda First Look: January 2014 Issue

Beautiful Butterfly Birthday card by Kandi Phillips from Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking January 2014

pinit fg en rect gray 20 First Look: January 2014 Issue

Rustic Birthday card 500px First Look: January 2014 Issue

Rustic Birthday card by Mandy LaCroix from Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking January 2014

pinit fg en rect gray 20 First Look: January 2014 Issue

I hope you enjoy this issue as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it for you. You can access the digital issue from the Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking web site or through the iOS app on your iOS device (such as iPhone or iPad). If you haven’t set up your digital access, you’ll find instructions here that will walk you through the process or you can email me at and I can answer your questions.

Happy reading!

stacysigthumb First Look: January 2014 Issue




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19 Responses to First Look: January 2014 Issue

  1. Margaret Larson says:

    Received a post card reminding me to set up a digital account. I have tried without success a couple of times.
    This is on post card 059354700069168379 crfprt2

  2. Sue says:

    Glad it’s out. Can’t wait to get mine downloaded.

  3. LORETTA says:

    Dont have a computer … cannot use the one at work.. downloading mag is not possible for me… I want my paper magazine !

  4. Alicia says:

    finally i go the digital account running after almost 3 month , i cannot wait to see the e new issue as well

  5. paper crafts online says:

    Hi Margaret, did you try using the instructions included in this blog post? If you’re still having issues, email me at and we’ll get you set up.

    Digital Managing Editor

  6. Claire says:

    Got it earlier on, it’s great but…. I still prefer the paper magazine.

  7. Valerie Cooper says:

    I also prefer a paper copy….I love sitting in my chair browsing the magazine. Probably won’t renew when my “sub” is up.

  8. Cindy Montville says:

    Having heard the “going digital” rumors, I let my sub lapse. I can’t take a digital copy to a crop or put it down alongside me to follow the instructions. And I sure can’t scrapbook in front of the computer or afford to print it out myself. Newer technology savvy methods may be easier and cost effective for the publisher, but not so much for the consumer.

  9. Patricia says:

    Any chance of this coming to a tablet computer?

  10. Donna says:

    I a not happy about the digital format of your magazine. I like to curl up on the couch with a cuppa Joe and browse. It’s just not the same as page turning in real time. Bring back the physical magazine please!

  11. joy says:

    Forgeddaboutit! I am not about to sit in front of my computer to read ANY magazine. I want to carry my paper copies with me wherever I go. The digital format does not appeal to me in any way! Sorry. . . I will not be renewing my subscription for this.

  12. Good on ya, PC&S! Love the new digi version! While I am a few years away from having to use readers (knock on wood), the bigger words and pictures are really awesome!

  13. Susan S. says:

    I’m so disappointed that a paper issue is no longer available. This is my favorite magazine and the only one that I buy faithfully every month. I will not subscribe to a digital issue. I want to be able to go back and look at old issues, read it in bed, or take it with me. I don’t see the value in printing it out, I’m sure that will cost a fortune. I’m not likely to lose my paper copies, but one crash or virus could cost me months of issues and where would I be then? I hope you get enough feedback to realize that this was a mistake and give us back the paper issues in full.

  14. Can’t believe you guys went to digital. I don’t have a wireless connection and no way to view the digi magazine other than once a week from the library. Think you guys really messed up

  15. My sis and I love you magazine but we will not be reuping. We dont have any interest in the digital version at all. Hard to lay down and hold a computer monitor. And the cost of ink would take all our grocery money. Sure hope you wise up and bring back paper. We’ll miss you and all the great inspiration.

  16. Beneta says:

    I agree with what it seems the majority are saying. I love my paper copies of magazines and like to look at digital now and then but still not the same.

  17. Kym says:

    Just looked through the issue. Lots of great projects, but I am really disappointed to see the supplies are not listed with each project. I hope the issues will soon be available for Kindles.

  18. Melanie says:

    Very disappointed that the only version I can download to my Kindle is the PDF one. When will an APP be available for the Kindle? There was a mention of it over a year ago, and still nothing! I’m unable to see the supplies unless I’m in front of my home computer….very inconvenient :(

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