Hand Stamped Cake

Did you see the beautiful cake in the Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking January 2014 issue used for the Get Inspired column? It was created by Erin Gardner of Wild Orchid Baking. Today, she is our guest blogger. Give Erin a warm welcome!


As a cake designer I love to look to other crafts for inspiration! In my recent Craftsy class, Simply Stunning: Hand-Stamped Cakes, I take techniques and tools found within the stamping world and use them to decorate cakes. Beyond traditional stamping methods, I demonstrate how to use items from your fridge and pantry (like celery and marshmallows, believe it or not!) to create fast and fun cake designs.

If you’re new to fondant and cake decorating in general, check out some of the free mini classes Craftsy has to offer to get started. As a special holiday treat I’m offering Paper Crafts Magazine’s readers 50% off my Simply Stunning: Hand-Stamped Cakes class!

PC blog 13 Hand Stamped Cake

Holly Stamp Cake


-   1 acrylic block

-   holly leaf cutter

-   2 oz of gum paste or fondant for making the stamp

-   2 oz of red fondant for holly berries

-   rolling pin

-   green gel food coloring

-   foam craft brush

-   fondant finished cake

PC Blog 1 Hand Stamped Cake

Make the stamp:

1. Roll the gum paste or fondant to about 3/4 of an inch thick.

PC blog 2 Hand Stamped Cake

2. Cut out a holly leaf.

PC blog 3 Hand Stamped Cake

3. Flip the holly leaf over and place the acrylic block on top of it. Gently press down so that they holly shape adheres to the block.

PC blog 4 Hand Stamped Cake
4. Flip the block over and allow the stamp to dry out overnight.


Stamp your cake:

1. Squirt a small amount of the green gel food coloring into a small bowl.

PC blog 5 Hand Stamped Cake

2. Use the foam craft brush to apply the green gel coloring to your holly leaf stamp.

PC blog 6 Hand Stamped Cake

3. Stamp holly leaves onto the top of your cake all around the edges to create a wreath effect. Reapply the gel food coloring to the stamp each time.

PC blog 7 Hand Stamped Cake

PC blog 8 Hand Stamped Cake

4. To make the holly berries, pinch off pea sized amounts of red fondant and roll into tiny balls. Place the holly berries onto the cake within the area where you stamped the leaves. If your holly berries aren’t sticking, brush the backs with a dab of water to adhere.

PC blog 10 Hand Stamped Cake

PC blog 12 Hand Stamped Cake



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10 Responses to Hand Stamped Cake

  1. Lindsey says:

    oh wow thank you I must show my hubby as he is a keen cake decorator

  2. maria f. says:

    What a great crossover article.

  3. chark says:

    this is stinkin cool! thanks for the tut!

  4. Cindy C. says:

    What a great idea for those loves stamping and cake décor!!!

  5. Lucy Schmidt says:

    I am in awe of people who have the talent & patience to do this. I like my cake unfrosted, but that certainly doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the visual delight of creations like this. Magnifique!!!!

  6. barbara lassiter says:

    This is gorgeous. Years ago, I decorated a cake with holly leaves and berries made from red and green gumdrops. I flattened the green gumdrops and cut them out with a holly leaf cutter and created the berries from the red gum drops. I like this much better!!!!

  7. Helen F. says:

    What a beautifully decorated cake! Would love to be patient enough to do this :)

  8. Holy wow! What a fantastic effect! I need to figure out how to make this work on a card…

  9. Laura says:

    I love paper crafting, and cake decorating…but I’ve never combined these hobbies! I’m inspired! This cake is stunning!

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