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Stacy Garland Love

Stacy Croninger, Digital Managing Editor

Hi everyone!

I grew up thinking garland was of the twisted crepe paper variety so when I see garlands now, I go a little nuts. There are so many different garlands that are easy to make, especially if you take advantage of your punches or die cutting machines. These were some of my favorites as I was browsing Pinterest.

This ball garland is made from circles glued together using a variety of papers – some with patterns, others are plain. Plus, they are slid on the string rather than stitched, which saves a little time.

I love the delicate look this garland has because of the dainty snowflakes. The snowflakes are strung together by running the string through the holes in the snowflakes. Great way to make use of the design.

And finally, this garland made from vellum circles. So simple in it’s design but love the translucency the vellum provides. And, you can use different vellum colors to match the occasion or your decor. Notice these are strung together using thread through the center of each circle – no sewing machine involved.

Oh, how happy garland makes me. I think I’m going to make me some this weekend! If you put together a strand or two, leave me a link to the image so I can inspired!

Have fun creating!

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5 Responses to Garland Love

  1. Sue says:

    You could use vellum hearts for a Valentine garland. All three are very pretty.

  2. sue says:

    Love the garland! Favorite was made of vellum & snow flakes

  3. Betsy Skagen says:

    I love all of them. Normally, the snowflakes would be my hands down favorite, but since the real snow keeps falling and falling and falling, I’m not so sure. :) Betsy at

  4. I personally love the delicate snowflakes garland as it would look delightful in my Shabby Chic style decor.

    So very pretty.

  5. Deborah S says:

    They are all awesome but the first one made with the circles is my favorite. What a great and inexpensive way to decorate for any occasion you are very clever. ;)

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