Stamp It! Techniques: Watercolor Effects

Holly Stamp It! Techniques: Watercolor Effects

Holly Anderson

Welcome to the final day of Stamp It! Techniques week! We’ve really enjoyed this week with you! shadow stamping, resist stamping, masking, and sentiment stamping, I’m introducing you to watercolor effects in the issue.

StampItTech Vol2 Cover FINA 780x1024 Stamp It! Techniques: Watercolor EffectsSo I’d love to share a couple of cards with you. First, on the cover, Cherished Friend Card by Gayatri Murali!

StampItVol2 A2 1024x825 Stamp It! Techniques: Watercolor Effectspinit fg en rect gray 20 Stamp It! Techniques: Watercolor EffectsShe wet the paper after stamping and before adding color so the color would diffuse into the paper. StampItVol2 A1 909x1024 Stamp It! Techniques: Watercolor Effects pinit fg en rect gray 20 Stamp It! Techniques: Watercolor Effects

Check out the Pastel Hello Card by Isha Gupta.

StampItVol2 A1.1 1024x803 Stamp It! Techniques: Watercolor Effectspinit fg en rect gray 20 Stamp It! Techniques: Watercolor EffectsShe used a mask as a stamp by applying ink to the mask, spritzing water on it, and pressing it to the paper. StampItVol2 A6 A7 834x1024 Stamp It! Techniques: Watercolor Effects pinit fg en rect gray 20 Stamp It! Techniques: Watercolor Effects

Take a look at this gorgeous card by fresh face, Jen Campbell. She painted the card with watered down ink, then stamped, stitched, and added fabulous sequins.

There are lots more cool watercoloring techniques in this section, and this section is only one of several sections in the issue! During this promotion week, we haven’t even mentioned building a scene with stamps or Stamp It! Techniques from the Go-to Gals. That means tons more techniques to try, so make sure you get your hands on this issue. Best part? It’s only $5.99. OH MY GOSH. It’s so worth it.

And before I head out, a giveaway! Comment below telling me if you’ve ever tried watercoloring on your crafts, and I’ll randomly choose one of you to win a mystery box along with the issue! Just leave your comment by Tuesday, January 28th at 5 pm MT.

Thanks for checking in!

Holly Signature Stamp It! Techniques: Watercolor Effects



Important contest note: We apologize, but due to increased shipping costs Paper Crafts s is no longer shipping prizes outside the US. But we definitely don’t want our international winners to walk away empty handed. If your shipping address is outside the US and your comment is selected, you’ll receive a one-year subscription to Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking magazine or a PDF version of Stamp It! Techniques, Vol. 2. If you’re an existing subscriber, your subscription will extend. Thank you for your understanding.


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166 Responses to Stamp It! Techniques: Watercolor Effects

  1. Tanya C. says:

    I have not tried watercolors on my cards yet but would definitely love to try!

  2. I used watercolor and rock salt to make a background on a card. It was fun to see the effect.

  3. Kathryn Whittaker says:

    I love to watercolor on my cards. I brings out so much depth and dimension to my projects. Thanks for the opportunity to win a mystery box and a copy of the current “Stamp It! Techniques”.

  4. Sarah Jay says:

    I love watercoloring on my cards. I took a watercolor class with Dave Brethauer years ago that taught me so much!

  5. Since I love the look of watercolour and playing with inks, I think these cards are just fabulous….well done!

  6. Buffe says:

    I love use watercoloring in my cardmaking. So many options. I get lost in the colors and the techniques and the results. Very enjoyable. Think I’ll do some this week!

  7. Tamera Blake says:

    I love to use my water color pencils after stamping an image in black! The look is awesome!! Would LOVE to win a mystery box for my BIRTHDAY….which is today!!! Thanks for the chance!!!

  8. Pat Goe says:

    I’ve painted with water colors and I’m new at making cards. My friend would send me her cards and that got me hooked. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Have a Great Day,

  9. I haven’t done much water coloring and want to find out more how tos on this. I need to find the original story on how to do this!

  10. Barbara Goff says:

    I love the variety of your styles. I use watercolor on nearly every card to create shading and 3D effects.

  11. sherry yeager says:

    I have not used the watercoloring very ofter. It is something I need to get back into. Thanks for sharing

  12. Glenda says:

    Water coloring of any kind is my favorite. I’m not a artist, but sure feel like it when my cards come out so beautiful. This technique you have shown I will use often. Got my magazine yesterday and drooled over the samples inside. Thanks!!

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  14. Pat K says:

    I have used watercolors on my card backgrounds and also on journals, I love the look!

  15. Carolyn G says:

    It’s been a long time since I watercolored. I need to revisit it! Thanks for the chance to win!

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