Type It Tuesday Free Font: CK Peeking Posies

Welcome to this week’s Type It Tuesday. This week’s free font will be available for one week and then returned to the font vaults.

Today’s Type It Tuesday font is CK Peeking Posies. This font is now available in the Font Shop.

CK Peeking Posies 450px Type It Tuesday Free Font: CK Peeking Posies

For instructions on how to download fonts and for trouble shooting, read this.

To read the Terms of Use for the CK fonts, read here.

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2 Responses to Type It Tuesday Free Font: CK Peeking Posies

  1. cori says:

    I miss having the magazines come to my house. I don’t like it digital because I can’t see it clearly and I can’t download anything on my tablet. I miss the paper magazine. I could take them anywhere without having to find an internet connection.

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