Photo Pocket Scrapbooking – Banners, Books and More

Baby Boy Banner2 Photo Pocket Scrapbooking   Banners, Books and More

Jennifer1 Photo Pocket Scrapbooking   Banners, Books and More

Jennifer Schaerer, Editor in Chief

We had so much fun creating our very first special issue that’s all about photo pocket scrapbooking! And because this handy approach is opening up memory-keeping to more and more people, I can imagine that product stashes are growing by leaps and bounds as well. There are systems, kits, page packs, Smash Books, Brag Books, DIY journaling cards, and countless other options for fun and creative combinations of photos, details, and designs.

I can also imagine that there are more than a few currently unused yet adorable journaling cards floating around craft rooms and creative spaces everywhere, awaiting their turn in the spotlight but getting moved aside in favor of something else for the moment.

What to do with those extras? Hmmmm. Maybe a card…or a tag…or even home decor. Yes!

Bouncing Baby Boy Banner Heather Campbell 1024x420 Photo Pocket Scrapbooking   Banners, Books and More

Bouncing Baby Boy Banner by Heather Campbell

Now really – how cute and easy is this banner? Our Go-to Gal Heather Campbell used a few baby boy-themed journaling cards, a bit of baker’s twine, and some teeny clothespins to make this adorable banner that’s perfect for a shower or warm welcome home from the hospital. Take this idea and multiply it with creativity – a holiday-themed banner, a back-to-school wish, a birthday celebration, or even a quick message to tell someone they’re loved in a very special way. The possibilities are limitless.

PHOTOPOCKET E3 862x1024 Photo Pocket Scrapbooking   Banners, Books and More

Nursery Number Wall Decor by Amanda Coleman

How about putting your favorites on display where you can see them every day? This special piece of artwork was made using journaling cards and a little bit of embellishing. See the stitching on the #6 card? The gold stars on the #7 card? Nice touches! And by mounting the cards with foam tape, each card stands out as the individual design element it should be.

But don’t stop here…think about mini note pads, gift card holders, and even candle sleeves. This issue has ideas that go beyond scrapbook pages and albums, so you won’t want to miss it.

PCS PhotoPocket 2014 350px Photo Pocket Scrapbooking   Banners, Books and More

Photo Pocket Scrapbooking – on sale NOW!

In addition to the chance to win a print copy of this fantastic issue for yourself, I’ve also got a mystery box to give away that’s full of fun photo pocket scrapbooking goodies that were featured in the issue. I’ll give them away to two separate winners who leave comments by 5pm MDT on Saturday, June 7, 2014. Let me know what you’d make besides an album page, and we’ll continue the stream of creative consciousness!

Thinking outside the box pocket page,

Jennifer thumbnail Photo Pocket Scrapbooking   Banners, Books and More




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62 Responses to Photo Pocket Scrapbooking – Banners, Books and More

  1. Debbie says:

    A mini album would be a fun idea and use up quite a few cards!

  2. CarolMc says:

    Love the banner idea.

  3. sherry butcher says:

    How about a holiday wreath with journaling cards and some pockets? the pockets content could be changed as the holiday changes.

  4. Jingle says:

    I love the banner idea! SO CUTE!

  5. Yvonne Russell says:

    So many fun possibilities… accordion book, memory board, tag pocket fronts, kids family memories card games, secret “pockets” and flaps for an art journal or mini book, recipe cards, gift tags, gift card or voucher envelope embellishment, mini canvas and more…

  6. Rianne says:

    Would love to make gift tags or greeting cards out of journaling cards! :)

  7. Lisa P says:

    I would love to make a recipe book or mini album/

  8. Jeanne says:

    Love the cute ideas for other uses. I would use them for one of the gift books I am making… Working on FOUR full size first year of marriage books and one baby book. I might actually use some as wedding decor… Either candle sleeves or banner of best wishes at one of the weddings. Great ideas for thought. Thanks.

  9. Amante del Papel says:

    wow this is amazing! thanks for the opportunity!

  10. I think it would be FUN to create some AWESOME Framed Art Pieces that could be changed out!! =) I LOVE being able to incorporate the different pages as the Styles and Colors change for the Year!! =) THANKS for sharing and for the chance to win!! Have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)

  11. Debi Davis says:

    I just made a greeting card this week, it was very easy and turned out cute. I like the framed art idea!

  12. Harley says:

    I love making books and would like to learn a lo more about banners.

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