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Susan Color Stream of Consciousness Paper Crafting

Susan R. Opel, Creative Editor

As an English major in college, I learned the term stream of consciousness from reading the novel The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner. It was a challenging read, yet an utterly fascinating one all at the same time. In literature, stream of consciousness is “a method of narration that describes in words the flow of thoughts in the minds of the characters.”

In psychology, stream of consciousness is “the conscious experience of an individual regarded as a continuous, flowing series of images and ideas running through the mind.”

So what is stream of consciousness in crafting? I look at it this way… it’s that inner monologue you have in your craft room while moving from project to project. And I had that “flow of thoughts” recently myself.

What started as my attempt to play along with the Top 5 Gallery Idol challenge (using adhesive in creative ways) took me on a crafting journey of sorts. Let’s see where my mind took me that day.

Exhibit A

miss you 832x1024 Stream of Consciousness Paper Crafting

Hello Miss You card by Susan R. Opel

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Stream of Consciousness Paper Crafting
I have to say I was pretty stumped with the Gallery Idol challenge. Like, what do you do with adhesive other than stick things together? I ended up dousing a foam heart from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L with red glitter to make the heart at the bottom of the iPhone. In the grand scheme of things, the Smart Phone dies from My Favorite Things ended up being the star of the show.

*sigh* And that’s why I’m SO not a Gallery Idol! Ha!

Exhibit B

cityscape 1024x652 Stream of Consciousness Paper Crafting

Celebrate Cityscape card by Susan R. Opel

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Stream of Consciousness Paper Crafting
My die and glitter mood lead me to the next card. My flow of thoughts told me that gold glitter paper would look downright amazing behind the windows in the Super 2 cityscape die from Paper Smooches. Add in a bold sentiment from the Super Script set from Altenew, and it’s a sophisticated card. That was fun!

Exhibit C

IMG 5248 Stream of Consciousness Paper Crafting

Jesus Loves card by Susan R. Opel

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Stream of Consciousness Paper Crafting
So the mind is a crazy thing, right? This cityscape made me think of summer vacations and my mind whisked back to my childhood summers. The big thing back then? Vacation Bible School (aka VBS). I spent many summers attending and then many summers being a helper at my church’s VBS (either with music or crafts – SURPRISE). This Sunday School Songs set from Neat & Tangled was just the right way to pay homage to those summers of days gone by! Lots of great memories!

So where will your mind take you on your next creative journey? Sometimes just going with the flow is a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Enjoy the journey!

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11 Responses to Stream of Consciousness Paper Crafting

  1. Sue says:

    My mind is in a whirl with ideas. Unfortunately, my craft room looks like a total disaster area. My job today is to clean it up and maybe clear my mind so I can accomplish something. : )

    Love your cards!

  2. maria f. says:

    Great post! Half my posts read like this one – my journey and the detours.

  3. Helen F. says:

    Wonderful cards, Susan ~ love the City scape!
    I’m usually ‘off track’ when I set out on a crafting journey. What is in my mind doesn’t always come out on paper… I call it “creative license” :)

  4. Fun post, Susan… always great to see you cards!

  5. Amante del Papel says:

    amazing cards!

  6. Miriam Prantner says:

    Love your stream of consciousness crafting….I do it too, although I would bet you are much less messy and leave less of a trail than I do. And I’m a little partial to that last card, LOVE the bold angle and the soft coloring. We’ll be VBS’ing it next week!

  7. Virginia L. says:

    Beauitufl and inspiring samples, Susan!! I love how your mind works! And you are totally Gallery Idol Material! You rock this Adhesive challenge!

  8. OMGosh, you would NOT want to know my stream of consciousness when I’m in my craft room, it’d be more like stream of craziness! I like your cards, and the gold glitter paper does look fantastic in the windows!

  9. Mendi Yoshikawa says:

    Awesome cards! I was thinking this last challenge was a tough one too. How fun that you played along! I love your last card too–Totally bring back memories. :)

  10. Kathy Mc says:

    You did an awesome job with the “adhesive” challenge, and your cards imply you are Gallery Idol material. Especially love your cityscape card, but must admit the Sunday School Songs are awesome!

  11. Jill says:

    Love that you shared this process Susan! Bc this is pretty much how I roll too. :) great cards–digging your layout designs–surely fun to send in the mail too! We are visiting my aunt this week and attending VBS! ;) crazy!

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