Throwback Thursday: Mirror Stamping

TBT Mirror Stamping Panel Throwback Thursday: Mirror Stamping

Welcome to Throwback Thursday where today we’re showing you how to mirror stamp. Jennifer McGuire created this cute Only Fish card seen in Stamp It! Cards, Vol. 9 using one stamp but mirroring the image. And no smoke and mirrors were involved! But you do need a slick surface, which in this case Jennifer used a clear plastic envelope. The plastic envelope allows the ink to sit on the surface so that you can press your cardstock or patterned paper on it and transfer the ink image. Magic!

Only Fish card Throwback Thursday: Mirror Stamping

Only Fish by Jennifer McGuire from Stamp It! Cards, Vol. 9

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Throwback Thursday: Mirror Stamping

Create the look:

Only Fish step 1 Throwback Thursday: Mirror Stamping

Step 1: Stamp fish on plastic envelope with watermark ink.

Only Fish Step 2 Throwback Thursday: Mirror Stamping

Step 2: Quickly press patterned paper to image to transfer ink.

Only Fish step 3 Throwback Thursday: Mirror Stamping

Step 3: Emboss and trim.


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15 Responses to Throwback Thursday: Mirror Stamping

  1. Kymberly Buchanan says:

    That is a really cool technique! Love the white ink!

  2. Katiria says:

    great idea, thanks!

  3. mary ellen says:

    will definitely do this today!!!

  4. I love this fish! What is the name of the set and what company produced it? Thanks!

  5. Lucy Schmidt says:

    Leave it Jennifer to figure out an easy way to do this. I Pinned it this time around so I wouldn’t lose it…again.

  6. Diana Newman says:

    I’ve never tried this and it looks so simple. I have re-think my stamps and see what I have that I can try that with.

  7. Charlotte says:

    Its awesome!
    I’m missing a totally white ink pad, what kind is used here?

  8. Debs says:

    Perfect for couples n anniversary type cards. Thx

  9. paper crafts online says:

    Hi, the stamp set is Hooked on You by WPlus9 Stamps.

    The ink is actually not a white ink pad, but clear ink that is heat embossed with white embossing powder.

    Hope that helps! So glad you liked card and technique.
    Digital Managing Editor

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  11. Marianne B in AZ says:

    Thank you for the reminder. It is techniques like these, the ones that are seldom used but so much fun, that area good reason I should do technique tags!

  12. bonnie good says:

    where do you get the plastic envelope??

  13. bonnie good says:

    I would like to know where I can get a plastic envelope for the mirror fish image
    card that you made in this sept. article? Thank you Bonnie Good

  14. sandy says:

    Could you do this with regular ink as well?

  15. Kathy Fr says:

    I was wondering if any color plastic would work or even any slick plastic surface would work ….. or better yet, wax paper???? hmmm I must try!! Thanks again for sharing this.

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