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We’ve created this blog roll to showcase the talents of our designers (and keep you inspired . . . especially in between issues). From Paper Crafts Go-to Gals to World Card Making Day and Stamping Royalty winners, you’ll find all your favorites, as well as some newcomers. Get ready to expand your blog reading!

If you have a blog and would like to be added to this list, you must have been published with Paper Crafts magazine within the last six months AND dedicate 60% of your content (three out of five posts) to paper crafts. If you meet the requirements, please e-mail Holly Anderson at This blog roll will be updated regularly, so continue to check back for new names!

Holly Anderson Teri Anderson
Stacy Croninger Heather Campbell
Kerri Miller Kimberly Crawford
Susan Opel Kim Kesti
Jennifer Schaerer Laina Lamb
Laura Williams
Trinh Arrieta Amanda Coleman
Ilina Crouse Jamie Greene
Maria Fischer Kelly Griglione
Katie Gehring Heather Hoffman
Amy Kolling Jennifer Ingle
Heidi Lopez Lizzie Jones
Lorraine Marasigan Cristine Redmond
Miriam Prantner Angel Rivera
Laura Pryor Nicki Scheck
Asty Purbasari Erin Lee Schreiner
Erin Lee Schreiner Marcie Sharp
Dana Warren Brenda Weaver
Alice Wertz Alice Wertz
Vera Wirianta Yates Maureen Wong
Veronica Zalis Veronica Zalis
Honorable Mention Winners: Honorable Mention Winners:
Isha Gupta Tifany DeGough
Sharri Reeves Niki Garcia
Cristina Núñez Regueiro Amber Kroening
Jessica Shadid Shery Russ
Erin Taylor Vera Wirianta Yates


Sabrina Alery May Sukyong Park
Keren Baker Jessica Pascarella
Archana Bhurke Miriam Prantner
Jill Dewey Hawkins Asty Purbasari
Yoonsun Hur Jo Reynolds
Lalo Ishiki-Kalahele Lysa Rohrer
Amy Kolling Erin Lee Schreiner
Kristie Larsen Marcie Sharp
Jaclyn Miller Tessa Wise
Iwona Palamountain Vera Wirianta Yates
Lucy Abrams Regina Mangum
Karin Åkesdotter Agnieszka Malyszek
Joanne Allison Debbie Marcinkiewicz
Kelly Marie Alvarez Julie Masse
Lindsay Amrhein Michelle Mathey
Izzy Anderson Beth Matson
Trinh Arrieta Tami Mayberry
Julia Aston Dawn McVey
Ellie Augustin Vanessa Menhorn
Charlene Austin Christine Meyer
Courtney Baker Juliana Michaels
Karen Baker Alli Miles
Keren Baker Jaclyn Miller
Rae Barthel Jen del Muro
Linda Beeson Maryse Nadeau
Maile Belles Emily Neihaus
Maren Benedict Tenia Nelson
Piali Biswas Ashley C. Newell
Nina Brackett Ashley N. Newell
Emily Branch Kryssi Ng
Cheiron Brandon Heather Nichols
Michelle Boyer Becky Oehlers
Rachael Burdick Becky Olsen
Kate Calvert Debbie Olson
Lorena Canto Anabelle O’Malley
Kazan Clark AJ Otto
Elise Constable Julie Overby
Meg Craig Sarah Martina Parker
Kimberly Crawford Melissa Phillips
Cindy Coutts Michelle Price
Ann Cox Heather Pulvirenti
Monika A. Davis Mary Dawn Quirindongo
Julie Day Amy Rohl
Tifany DeGough Brenda Rose
Jessica Diedrich Ryann Salamon
Colleen Dietrich Erin Schreiner
Daniela Dobson Laurel Seabrook
Melissa Elsner Marcie Sharp
Niki Estes Hollie Shepard
Kelley Eubanks Sarah Shewell
Danielle Flanders Sherrie Siemens
Michelle Folland Katie Sims
Geri Freeman Winter Sims
Tina Fussell Diana Slaughter
Katie Gehring Giovanna Smith
Lynn Ghahary Julia Stainton
Tanis Giesbrecht Bethany Stellpflug
Alice Golden Kristen Swain
Kelly Goree Lori Tecler
Jamie Greene Alicia Thelin
Marisa Gunn Sherri Thompson
Isha Gupta Angie Tieman
Ashley Harris Kristin K. Tierney
Charity Hassel Cassi Tramm
Nichole Heady Christine Traversa
Lisa Henke Taylor Usry
Heather Hoffman Heidi Van Laar
Cynthia Holshouser Andrea Vernagus
Kim Hughes Shanna Vineyard
Jamie Hurley Chan Vuong
Jennifer Ingle Amy Wanford
Beatriz Jennings Brenda Weaver
Lisa Johnson Kristina Werner
Tiffany Johnson Susan Deering West
Emily Keaton Laura Williams
Courtney Kelley Laurie Willison
Stephanie Kensy Jennifer Wills
Kalyn Kepner Jessica Witty
Carolyn King Michelle Woerner
Dina Kowal Deanna Woodland
Cristina Kowalczyk Michelle Wooderson
Elizabeta Kushner Sherry Wright
Allison Landy Glenda J Wyatt
Belinda Chang Langner Danielle Wycough
Lea Lawson Yvonne Yam
Emily Leiphart Vera Yates
Ivanka Lentle Latisha Yoast
Erin Lincoln Angeline Yong Jeet Leen
Karolyn Loncon Mendi Yoshikawa
Virginia Lu Veronica Zalis



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  4. selvan91 says:

    love this idea!! Now I can find some of my FAVORITE designers, although I follow most of the blogs already! No money and live out a ways so rushing to Michaels, Jo-Ann’s or Hobby Lobby isn’t always a choice for me. Makes me think harder to use what I have and I forget I was feeling down about anything. Yeahoo for paper crafters.

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  7. Janet says:

    Just found this place!! Thank you for collecting designer links into one area. Craft on!